All toys intended for children under 14 years sold in European country must comply with strict specifications to ensure the safety of children. Some company do chemical tests to verify that the substances do not migrate through sweat or saliva tests for flammability, mechanical tests (tensile, drop, compression). But in our country there is no strict rule in toys industry.

The regulation only one, is that there is a "presumption of conformity" and that control is not systematic. The manufacturer is not required to perform these tests by an outside agency, it may have an internal laboratory approved. However, for products manufactured abroad, the importer claims generally guaranteed, which minimizes risk.

You can also track the logo of the toy. It can be applied only when tests were conducted by an independent auditing. It is a voluntary commitment on the part of the manufacturer. In our country govt should make some Nobel rule for children toy making companies.

The deputy-head testing laboratory Intertek has agreed to answer of this questions.

What is the role of a laboratory like yours on the toy market?

We intervene at the request of a manufacturer, distributor or Fraud to assess compliance with the European Directive toys. We test and the main risks, as the presence of small parts, small balls or string length for children under 3 years as well as kinetic energy projectiles or sound pressure level.Some scandals have shaken the confidence of parents for toys manufactured in Asia.

This fear is well-founded?

All toys, irrespective of their origin, undergo the same tests and are subject to the same requirements across the European Union. But with 80% of toys made in Asia, the probability that they are non-compliant is mathematically greater.

As a parent, how to reduce the risks?

Observe the restrictions of age because the tests are very different for children under 3 years or greater. Better buy also in traditional distribution networks. Finally, and this is common sense, testing does not relieve parents supervise their children during play.

Children do not know that what is good and what is harmful for him or her. It is the responsibility of parents to make the children secure. They have to be aware about their children toys & that material which is use for making the toy. Parent should purchase that toy which is safe for the children, they should buy that toys which is soft, not very sharp, toy should be made from soft material. Parent can play with their children it will make double benefit children loves to their parent and they will be safe in under the eyes of their parents. Parents can play Indore game or also play game in the ground.

Our expert say that the Asian Govt make rule hard or update old rule to the child toy makers company that they make child toy safe. Some of the Asian company made toy for their benefit, they don't care it will be safe for children or not.

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