All posters that we the manufacturers & produce at BarnrumsPosters are directly aimed at children and their well-being thanks to the fact that we include a strengthening quote on each poster. Paintings with positive affirmations are more than just decoration. Here are three proven effects that have come as a result of affirmations:

1. Your child is strengthened from the inside out
With the help of the board, a sentence is repeated for your child every day - which will strengthen your child from the inside out. Simple sentences like "I deserve the best" or "Dare to take a seat" are all that is needed. We, like our children, need to remind ourselves every day of these very things, in order to actually take it to heart and live accordingly.

2. Your child gets a positive image of the world around them
"Spread joy" or "Create magic" are two simple sentences that can help your child see their surroundings more positively. In other words, with the help of our posters, you can help your child see the world and its surroundings with kind eyes.

3. Your child will think more positively about himself
Last but certainly not least, with the help of our posters you can help your child look at themselves and feel joy. "Always be yourself" or "Be unique" are words that may not be so spectacular to look at like this, but they can be directly decisive for how your child looks at himself every day.

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Personalized children's board from BarnrumsPosters - give away a personalized board with text as a gift.

Finding the perfect birthday gift or christening gift is not so easy. That's why we at BarnrumsPosters have made it possible for everyone to give away simple, but at the same time personal gifts - in the form of personal paintings with text on them.

We at BarnrumsPosters offer personal children's paintings with motifs of cute animals from all corners of the world together with a nice and personal text, which you choose. We have produced a bunch of different, inspiring texts that you can add to your board to create your very own, personal children's board.

But sometimes it is tricky to know which board you should choose. Here are two tips that can hopefully help:

1. Choose a painting with your child's favorite animal on it - we offer paintings with animals from all corners of the world.

2. Choose a text & message that you want the child to take part in every day - All texts that you can choose for your board have a special message. All words are well chosen for children to feel good when they read or hear the text. Everything from "You are valuable" to "Dream big" can adorn the children's walls.

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Children's paintings with Animal motifs and Quotes about life. We have a wide range of posters for the children's room in charming motifs that enliven all children's rooms.