There are many other ways to get more in to their room and this is of course especially useful if they have a small bedroom or it’s an awkward shape. My youngest is in a very small room with limited head space so much of the storage is low and I have to be clever about how to fit in her toys and books, never mind clothes and so on. Apart from keeping it nice and tidy so it doesn’t drive you mad, having easy to use and colorful storage items encourage your child to tidy up after themselves, and the earlier that starts the better! So the key is to make it fun.

You can hide a lot away inside a wardrobe for example… lowering the hanging rail will give you the option of putting in a shelf above the rail for extra storage. Regain the space lost to accommodate the shelf by using Space Saving Hanger Bars, as one customer discovered:

Also take advantage of this hidden space with Hanging Canvas Storage such as Hanging Organizers which are great for storing sweaters, shoes and many other clothing items or smaller items such as toys/accessories. You want something that doesn’t take up too much space and this one does just that being only 15cms wide. Small on size but it will hold several pairs of shoes, trainers and socks or just leave it to your kids’ imagination!

You can also make the most of your kids’ wardrobe hanging space with this fabulous Six Shelf Sweater Organizer, this one matching the shoe hanger and made of soft touch material in lilac with pink binding. Not only for sweaters, but can be used for toys, t-shirts, or whatever your kids wish to put in it. It measures 90cms in height, 22.5cms in width and 22.5cms in depth. One favourite hiding space for storage is under the bed… what a waste of space this is if you don’t fully utilise it! I’m not talking about running around at the end of the day and pushing as many toys that have been left out under it! If you have proper storage under there you’ll get MUCH more in!

And when you or your child comes to take it out it will be better organised and easier to get at.Using anUnderbed Storage Chest is ideal for this type of storage area. This particular one has a soft touch material and it’s Lilac colouring with pink binding and zip matches hanging organizers and hangers in this range too. It has a clear see-through window and will look fab in girls’ bedrooms. It really is an ideal storage item for clothing, toys and more! There is also a pink with white spots Underbed Storage Box for those who need everything in pink! There are other colour options available too.

One place you may not have considered making use of for childrens storage is the door. The Kids Over-Door Hanging Organizer will make use of this normally wasted space with 11 pockets, this beautiful organiser can be used for all the bits and pieces your kids love to store – toys, hairbrushes, gloves, stickers. Anyone who has children will know they love putting things into pockets and bags, so this will even encourage them to tidy up!! Plus they make great presents for kids.

For smaller items in my own bedroom I have hooks on the inside of cupboard/wardrobe doors for small accessories/scarves/belts… but don’t just go with the obvious! I’ve also made use a Hanging Magazine Organiser in my son’s room, which is a really useful as a general Organizer because it can be either hung from a hook or can be used with the 2 hooks, included to hang over a door. Featuring a large pocket for magazines (or small books and comics!) and 3 hooks, it is a great use of space. Have a close look around the bedroom you need to sort for these hidden places to use for storage, remember the more colourful and fun the items are the more likely they are to be used!

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