Have you ever thought …

“I’m not sure what action to take first? And I’m not sure the action I take will get the results I want.”

Here’s a question to remedy that issue:

What do I feel most inspired to do?

If you can let go of what you’re “supposed” to do, you’ll usually have a very clear answer. And it may have nothing to do with business.

I was recently speaking to a client about his business. He had a list of actions to take to reach his goal, but he was tired. Overwhelmed, too.

What he really wanted to do was to spend the rest of his weekday lounging at home. I told him that sounded like a grand idea.

He panicked. “Really? Stay home and chill out when there is so much to do at work?”

Uh … YES! What will make you feel better at the end of the day? If the answer is chilling out, then honor it.

But here’s the dealio on choosing what feels most inspiring …

Once you make a choice to follow your heart, enjoy it. If you try to relax but keep nagging yourself to get up and be productive, you’re setting yourself up to lose.

Make a decision and make it right. If you are halfway into something and you change your mind, that’s fine. Choose another action that will feel better. You are never locked into anything.

Giving yourself permission to do exactly what you want is a foreign concept to the vast majority of business owners. Employees are even harder to talk into following their own timing at work. But you’ll actually get more done and be happier when you work this way.

Clients plead their case to me about all the things they HAVE to do. I never buy into it, UNLESS they simply will not trust that it’s okay to follow their inspiration. Then they must take the action they feel will give them peace of mind.

For instance, if your house is messy and driving you nuts then clean it a bit before you focus on a work project. Once your space is clean, you will have more access to your Inner Business Expert and more energy to rock your project.

You’ll yield faster and better results in all areas of your life when your emotional state is joyful, peaceful, excited or relaxed. I always tell people to go on vacation if they want to attract more money into their life. Why? Because if you’re having a good time on vacation you’re more open to receive the resources that you need to double your profits.

If you’ve got your panties in a wad about all that you should be doing, you’re cutting off the flow of money. And you’re certainly not having any fun, right?!

So what should you do to create profits once you’ve chilled out?

Grab your biz plan or project list and take the action that seems the biggest or scariest first. Then take one teeny tiny step toward it.

It’s an instant mood boost to make progress on an important project and every other action you take after that will seem like cupcakes to you.

I know it may sound silly but anything that makes you feel good about yourself actually assists you in tapping into your own power. This in turn will have you more effortlessly tap into your intuition, creativity and persuasive selling abilities (this includes getting your mate to take you to YOUR favorite restaurant when they really want to go to theirs!).

Plans don’t have to be followed in a linear fashion. I know the analytical types reading this might not agree. The more you follow the plan in a way that works perfectly for you, the more the plan will work.

I really encourage you to commit to only take inspired actions for the next two weeks. Yes, you may still have to do some things like show up at your job and pick up the kids from soccer but the rest of your life can be put into “choice mode.”

Choose consciously to do things the way you want to do them. If you become aware of “shoulding” and forcing yourself to do a task, simply stop. So, what if the laundry sits there for another day?! Will the world stop spinning?

What do you feel like doing right now that would make you feel really, really good?

I dare you!

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