Finally, you are pregnant. Congratulations. But you are curious about the gender of the baby you are carrying. Is it a girl or a boy? The fact is that you cannot tell the exact gender of the baby you are carrying unless you do an ultrasound or genetic testing. Some ways can help you predict the sex of your child such as examining your pregnancy craving. Having a taste for sweets could mean you are expecting a girl while having carvings for salty or sour things could mean you are carrying a boy. One of the accurate guesswork methods of predicting the gender of the baby you are carrying is the Chinese Gender Chart also called the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar or Chinese Conception Chart.

How did the Chines Gender Chart Originate

Chinese Gender Chart has a rich history. It has been being used for around 700 years. It is believed that the original Chinese gender chart is stored in Being Institute of Science. Today, the Chinese Gender Chart remains to be a more accurate predictor that can help parents determine the sex` of the baby they are expecting.

How Does it Work?

You don’t need to crack your head so much when using a Chinese Gender Chart. It is very easy to use provided you know the (lunar) month you conceived, and your (lunar) age at the time of conception. That is all you need, pretty simple. Right? Follow across and down to where the month and age meet. At this point, you will find either a blue box meaning you are expecting a boy or a pink box for a girl.

Predicting the gender of the baby you are carrying without knowing how to find out lunar ages and lunar months, can be a bit difficult. The good news is that there is an automated Chinese gender predictor that can give you a fast result. This Chinese Gender Prediction Calculator is the best you can ever use. It effortlessly does the math and helps you get the best out of the Chinese Gender Chart. While other tools use your date of conception, this tool gives a solution when you can’t recall when you conceived. Instead, this predictor lets you choose the expected due date and press the “show me the baby gender” button. It then displays your lunar month and date of conception, baby gender, lunar age at the time of your pregnancy, and the projected position of your baby in the Chinese gender chart.

How Accurate is the Chinese Gender Chart?

There is little scientific research backing up the Chinese gender chart and therefore not a perfect predictor when compared to prenatal ultrasound test, or a blood test. But its accuracy is said to be over 70%, according to a survey. It is believed that there is a significant relationship between the baby's gender, mother’s age, and the month of conception. Therefore, knowing the mother’s age and the month she conceived can help guess the gender of the baby.

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