Interestingly, when we think of the Chinese language we are actually referring to standard Chinese. That 'language' is the dialect of Mandarin that originated in Beijing. As Peking (now known as Beijing) is the nation's capital, it is not surprising that it has become the dominant language form. For this reason anyone studying Chinese language programs will inevitably be studying this form of Mandarin.

Of course, China is home to a great number of Chinese language programs. How do you find the right one for you? This is a very important question. Doing your research early and making a good decision can save you a lot of money, stress, and time later on. When you study at a reputable language school you will quickly and effectively learn Chinese Mandarin. Those researching these programs soon discover a huge amount of information on the internet. There are a small number of websites that bring much of the useful information together in one place so that your decision is much easier. One of these websites is, and students who are thinking of studying Chinese language programs can learn a lot by visiting it.

Here is a brief list of things that prospective students should be looking for in a Chinese language school in order to make the most out of their study.

First, the school must be trusted and reliable. In order to determine this you should make sure that the school is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Naturally, all students who intend to learn Chinese Mandarin will be looking for the best schools. These are the ones awarded with an 'A' rating by the Bureau.

Second, almost all students will take their finances into account when choosing a language program. Look for schools that offer flexible programs. Some offer a variety of short courses throughout the year, as well as intensive tutoring for those looking to get ahead fast.

Finally, you cannot underestimate the value of experienced staff. They are not only able to teach you the language but can help you navigate the city you are living in as well.

There is little point listing all of China's language programs here when websites such as provide comprehensive details. It should be no surprise to the interested student that China's two premier cities, Beijing and Shanghai, are home to the best universities. Many students are interested to learn that Beijing's Tsinghua University is widely regarded as China's MIT. As such, it offers much to engineering and science students.

People who come to China to study Chinese language programs soon discover the benefits of their decision. Cultural immersion allows you to learn the language much more quickly than you would if you tried to learn it at home. One other significant benefit that we have not discussed here is the chance to experience the famous historical sights and vibrant culture of this ancient country.

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