During the entire month of Shravan, you see him walking barefoot. You spot him planting saplings during green drives. You see him walking along the banks of River Godavari in Nashik with environment activists who are fighting against river pollution and for river rejuvenation. You see him on the small and big screen displaying his talent.

The bellow are the highlights of the interview with Insights Success a top business magazines.

Actor Chinmay Udgirkar has many facets to his personality.

While learning to act in plays at Genius, he became used to taking theatre/plays seriously. It became an inseparable part of his life and he realised that acting was his hobby and that what he used to do to get appreciation from people became a passion.

His family though supportive, put forth a condition that he should complete his degree in law first. He obeyed them and completed the five-year law course while simultaneously acting in theatre.

Since Chinmay’s family has no background in the entertainment industry, his family had made it clear to him – Whatever you are doing, accept it with all loopholes. What you have in your career today, you may not have tomorrow. So, you should be able to withstand it. You have to maintain mental fitness for battling your emotional struggles.

“I feel that without any reason we have unknowingly created a competition. I want to give only one message to the youth – are you truly happy/content with the speed with which you are running about? Are you peaceful? You need to introspect seriously before it is too late, instead of getting carried away. Life was very peaceful during our parent’s time.

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