There are few words that capture the essence of Param Pujya Santshree Chinmayanand Bapu and what he stands for - satya, prem, saralata, karuna & dayaluta, these all words - compassion - are the soul of ram Katha & Bhagwat Katha, the vital elements of man, of life and of civilization.
Each relationship, all our actions and every passing thought must adhere to and be anchored in these highest principles, neither are they confined to any particular religion, nor are they attached to a specific time or place. They are as universal as the presence of god and as vital as air.
In this website, you will find information about Ram Katha, Bhagwat Katha and Chinmayanand Bapu, events and dates as well as explanations and translations. Its aim is to provide necessary information and a clear understanding.
A great devotee of lord Shri Ram and Shri Hanuman ji, Rashtriya Sant Shri Chinmayanand Bapu idolizes great saint poet Shri Tulsidas. Chinmayanand was born as udayprakash on 4thdec’1980 in a brahmin family of a small village called Kalna located on the banks of holy river Ganga in district – Mirzapur, UP. It is said that upon noticing the dazzling glow on his face, a brahmin had predicted that this child would shine like a star and astound the world with his knowledge.
Shri Chinmayanand Bapu’s life for the past 20 years has revolved around swadhyay, meditation, discourses, katha vachan, religious education and welfare of people. He is a philanthropist national saint with a mission to propagate the ideals of hindu dharma and work for the welfare of people.
At a very young age of 9 years Chnimayanand Bapu developed detachment for this world. While listening to the Bhgawadgita katha as a young child of 9 years, Chnimayanand Bapu decided to pursue the path of spiritual evolvement and become a saint. Realizing that it would not possible to move forward on this path without the guidance of a knowledgeable guru, Chnimayanand Bapu took diksha (spiritual initiation) from shri shri 1008 Mahamandaleshwar sri Ram Kumar ji Maharaj. Along this path, he came to be known as Chinmayanand Bapu. he started reciting Ram Katha at a very young age and amazed everybody around him including his guru.
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