As nations brace themselves for the ‘new’ normal, there are inevitable changes in the way things operate. One shift that has made it convenient for people worldwide is the rise in revenue and popularity of food delivery apps. With restricted dine-in movements, restaurants depend on delivery platforms to manage expenses.

As an icing to the cake, it appears that the popular restaurant, Chipotle, is partnering with the food delivery app UberEats Clone and dating app Hinge as it announces the ‘Cuffing Season Menu’ for delivery via the platform.

Although the menu is available only for a limited time, Chipotle’s intent to satisfy its customers where they are is what makes things interesting. So, what exactly is the Cuffing season, and what are the key takeaways from Chipotle - UberEats partnership? Are food delivery apps becoming inevitable? Explore more to find out.

The Cuffing Season Menu

Chipotle Mexican Grill has announced that it is offering a limited time ‘Cuffing Season Menu’ for delivery on UberEats.

Cuffing Season marks the initiation of the winter season, wherein singles look for ‘short-term’ relationships until the Valentines of February.

Chipotle has unraveled the limited-time menu with three customization options.

The ‘Day Date’ comes with two entrees with sides of Chips and Salsa. On the other hand, the ‘Date Night’ comes with two entrees, a side of chips and queso, in addition to two tractor drinks. The third customization is the ‘Hinge Date,’ which includes one entree, a side of chips and salsa, and one tractor drink.

The highly-anticipated Chipotle - UberEats partnership lasts until December 5.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, collaborating with UberEats, is an eye-opener under various aspects. With people preferring doorstep deliveries, it is high time even top-tier restaurants make delivery options indispensable.

Developing an app like UberEats

An entrepreneur with the right approach to develop an app like UberEats can gain unparalleled success. Here are some strategies to consider in your UberEats clone app.

#1 Choose the right business model

Be it the aggregator, the marketplace, or the cloud kitchen model, ensure that you analyze your resources before developing the business model.

#2 Work on your USPs

Bringing uniqueness to the table is pivotal. Integrating cutting-edge features is an ideal way to stand apart from the rest of the apps.

#3 Focus on your back-end

Even after loading your front-end with features and functionalities, you need your back-end to be efficient to sustain app traffic.

Summing up,

Although a promotional strategy, the Chipotle - UberEats partnership has opened the doors for numerous restaurants to join hands with the platform. As an entrepreneur, do not wait any longer. Reach out to an UberEats Clone app development company, and initiate your app development today.

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