If you want to know how to manage pain, then you must have the right knowledge and information to deal with it. Not everyone knows how to perform pain management properly but most of the time, most people will try to ignore the pain. This should not be the case since pain is the way our body indicates that there is something wrong. Good thing there are many branches of medicine that you can go to and one of these is chiropractic.

Chiropractic is the diagnosis, treatment, and management of disorders that have to do with the nervous and musculoskeletal system. As more researches and studies are conducted, chiropractic has evolved to also include other systems of the body. Chiropractic is a natural mode of disease management. It does not use medication and surgery when dealing with their patient’s health complains. This is what sets apart chiropractic from others. It is holistic in its approach, which allows a chiropractor to treat the root cause of a disease rather than just its signs and symptoms.

So how does chiropractic manage pain? This question can best be answered if we first understand pain. After extensive studies made to understand pain, there are still areas of it that remain to be a mystery. Nevertheless, there are theories that were made to explain the mechanism of pain. When there is an injury in tissues, chemical mediators immediately are released to warn and attract blood cells to repair the damage. These chemicals may include bradykinin, cytokinin, prostaglandin, substance P, and others. As these chemicals are poured in the blood stream, it will attach to pain receptors that will in turn send pain perception in the brain. There are other theories that were made and this is just one of them.

There are different ways that pain is categorized and it depends upon their onset, duration, quality, location, position, and severity. Pain can be acute or chronic. It can be sudden or gradual. Pain can also be classified based on its origin.

As much as we know about pain, it can never change that fact that is very discomforting and undesirable. Good thing we can now turn to chiropractic for solutions. There are many things that a chiropractor can do to alleviate or eliminate pain. At your first visit in a chiropractic clinic, the history of your present illness will be recorded. Furthermore, the chiropractor may also order diagnostic tests to identify the root cause of your problem.

Doctors of chiropractic manage pain by performing techniques that are unique in chiropractic. Spinal manipulation is one notable chiropractic technique. Since it directly acts on the spinal cord, which is an extension of the brain, a chiropractor can easily decrease the pain perception. Often times, pain happens when there is an abnormality in the spine. A chiropractor will manipulate the spine and eliminate pain in the process.

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