No one can deny the importance of strength training in improving the fitness of an athlete. These trainings aim at increasing the physical strength and other abilities of the athlete slowly and steadily by customizing to the specific needs of the sport that the athlete plays.

Strength training can benefit the athlete’s performance and can fill him with confidence to perform better. However, when it comes to improving an individual’s performance towards a particular sport, it demands a more refined approach than mere weight-lifting. The right combination of athlete’s strength, power and muscular stamina are required to extract the best performance from the athlete.

Regardless of the sport that an athlete plays, strength training can be used to develop his ability and performance. While general strength training is aimed at increasing the overall stamina of the body, most sports trainers focus on increasing the strength of the muscle crucial for playing the sport. For example, a golf player’s muscles must work collectively to offer the strength needed during the swing to hit the ball strongly. On the other hand a soccer player needs to focus more on the strength of the leg muscles. In fact according to the research carried out by De Proft and his colleagues on a group of Belgian players found that players who have undergone extra weight training sessions has improved kicking power and strength.

A research study was performed in 2006 to find the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments in increasing the strength of the leg muscles. The results were amazing and the positive effect was not only limited to sports, but also extends to workplace or to any other kinds of manual labor. If put in a layman’s term, brain need to communicate message to muscles to be fully functional during a maximal voluntary contraction. Chiropractic adjustments help in activation of the nerve, mechanoreceptors that are responsible for conveying this message during the contractions in muscle.

The research confirmed that chiropractic adjustment resulted in a significant improvement of 10% in the leg muscle strength of the athletes. This clearly explains that chiropractic treatment can work positively in increasing the strength and stamina of every types of athlete regardless of the game he plays, and also has far reaching effects in other daily life activities.

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