Manual therapy is a technique where the hands of a clinical professional are used to treat physical disorders and ailments. It is commonly used in chiropractic care. Chiropractic is an alternative type of medicine that utilizes non-invasive procedures and drugless form of treatment. Doctors of chiropractic care believe that the body has the power to heal its own disorder, injury, and disease.

Chiropractors in treating various physical and physiological deformities, disorders, and diseases use manual therapy. The skillful hands of the chiropractor make chiropractic treatments efficient and safe. Through studies made by researchers, chiropractic approaches have been proven effective to relieve pain as well as to prevent the recurrence of body aches.

Chiropractors must first verify a diagnosis before a chiropractic program is established. Diagnosis can be obtained through laboratory tests, physical examination, and medical history of the patient. Laboratory tests include MRI or X-Ray. These procedures determine the place of misalignment and the extent of the deformity. Palpation, inspection, percussion, and auscultation are used to do a thorough physical assessment. The medical history of the patient is necessary to obtain because it may determine the cause of the deformity and misalignment.

Once a diagnosis is confirmed, a chiropractic program is formulated. Chiropractic program for a particular patient may be different from other patients. The needs of the patient must be met for the chiropractic program to be successful. This is how important the diagnosis and the chiropractic program. Chiropractors should use what they have learned in studying chiropractic course and training to diagnose and create a chiropractic program.

Chiropractors use manual therapy to manage and treat various neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctions and disorders. Spinal adjustment or spinal manipulation is the term used in chiropractic to adjust the spinal column and reestablish its standard anatomical curvature and structure.

Chiropractors are skilled and well trained to practice this procedure safely and effectively. Studies have shown that a great percentage of patients receiving spinal manipulation have been relieved from pain and the recurrence of pain was lessened.

Another manual therapy used in chiropractic care is massage. Massage therapy is very useful to relax the muscles, inhibit muscle spasm, and improve blood circulation, especially in injured body parts. Muscles are needed to relax to prevent spasm and stiffness. Normal blood circulation is also necessary because blood carries oxygen and important nutrients to provide the body with energy. Massage therapy is also considered helpful in disentangling twisted or knotted muscle fiber that causes pain. continuous muscle contraction may cause weakness and deterioration in muscle strength and function.

Chiropractic believes that the body has the power to heal its own disorder, disease, deformity, and ailment. However, each system in the body must be in perfect condition to perform their respective roles, actions and functions. Chiropractors use manual therapy because it produces non-complicated side effects unlike pharmaceutical drugs and surgery. Side effects of chiropractic include tenderness on the treated body part, fatigue, and mild pain, which can be resolved within 24 hours after each therapy. The purpose of chiropractic care is to promote health, restore normal body function prior to the injury or disorder, and maintenance of physical wellness of an individual. For more Click Here

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