Chiropractic care is a popular form of natural treatment today that focuses on the spine and the central nervous system. It believes that an aligned spine is the cure to any sickness or pain felt in the nervous system. Doctors of chiropractors study chiropractic theory and principles for years. They are licensed physicians who will mostly use their hands to treat you. What is the story behind chiropractic? When did it start?

A Canadian man named Daniel David Palmer invented chiropractic in 1895. He was called a “magnetic healer” at that time. A magnetic healer is someone who transfers healing energy just by touching or waving his hands over the patient. Mesmerism, vitalism and spiritualism are his influences to believe in a mystical healing force. Vitalism was the belief that living matter has vital energy similar to the “chi” of the Chinese. For Palmer, he had his own term for vital energy and he called it “Innate Intelligence”. For him, innate intelligence flows throughout the human body starting from the head, to the spine, the nerves and the different organs of the body. This was the start of the chiropractic theory.

Palmer’s chiropractic theory states that all diseases are caused by a misalignment in the spine. He called this misalignment as “subluxation” and chiropractic treatments are done to get rid of this subluxation. A subluxation blocks the flow of innate intelligence in the body, which leads to pain, discomfort and sickness. Consequently, since Palmer believes that subluxation is the cause of all diseases, he rejects the germ theory. The germ theory states that all diseases come from an infection caused by microorganism. At that time, the germ theory was a huge discovery in the field of medicine as it prompted the formulation and administration of vaccines.

Both Palmer and Barlett Joshua Palmer, his son, believed that vaccines are mere poisons to the body. Despite the discoveries made by the medical field, they continue curing diseases through chiropractic care. Not long after, their chiropractic services have become a business of teaching individuals how to be chiropractors. They claim that they are teaching the most complete and all around medical education.

Today, chiropractic care is indeed a holistic approach to treatment. It believes in the body’s ability to self-heal but chiropractors believe that the body needs a push to do this. The body is built to have multiple natural self-repair systems. You can see this when your wound starts healing by itself. Chiropractors do not perform any invasive treatment. Rather, they give the body its need push to activate its self-healing mechanisms once again.

Since 1895, questions and doubt have been laid on the table regarding chiropractic theory but as you can see, chiropractic has survived and lives on today. Millions of Americans seek chiropractic care and believe in its effectiveness to treat diseases and relieve pain. Scientists and medical practitioners can say anything they want but the fact remains that people have been cured by chiropractic treatments and personal testimonies are always good evidence for its effectiveness and success. For more visit

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