The human population has been reaping the benefits of chiropractic care for decades already. Then maybe the animals should get their fair share of it. What do you think? Not many are aware that there is such a thing as animal chiropractic or veterinary chiropractic. A chiropractic vet pursues this specialization after earning his degree in chiropractic school. He will earn the title of DVM or Doctors of Veterinary Medicine. He will perform chiropractic techniques on animals to help them with common neuro-musculoskeletal conditions. Animals that will undergo veterinary chiropractic will have improved performance and quality of life.

For animals, their nerves control everything, which is why improving the neuro-musculokeletal system of the animal is important to its overall health. Anything that will affect the nervous system will affect the animal’s whole body. Just like for humans, the control center of the nerves is the brain and the spinal cord. The spine protects the brain. The spine consists of muscles, nerves, ligaments, joints and bones. If the spinal cord is misaligned and dysfunctional, the transmission of nerves to the different parts of the body is directly affected. Not only that, there will be improper transmission of blood supply too which reduces the speed of recovery for a person suffering from an injury or illness. When this happens, the animal will lose his mobility and will feel pain, muscle tension and stiffness.

Animals have the ability to self-heal and this is what a chiropractic vet wants to unleash. He will perform chiropractic techniques that will aid the animal’s body to heal itself. Animals are very active creatures and they tend to be carefree. Their muscles can easily suffer from trauma. The spine’s protective mechanism is to lock when surrounding muscles, joints or ligaments are inflamed. When this happens, the nerves are trapped in the damaged tissues of the spine and cannot travel to its destination. This blockage prevents the body from healing itself and thus, your animal’s health will be affected.

Since animals cannot talk and you will only know if they are suffering from a condition if their movements have changed significantly, it is up to you to observe and monitor your animal. If you see that your animal is weaker, easily fatigued, sensitive to touch, lame, lacking in energy and has a different posture, you can bring him to a chiropractic vet for a checkup. Only a professional and licensed chiropractic should handle an animal with problems in the spine because this is a very sensitive area. Upon consultation, the chiropractor will check the condition of the animal to determine the best possible treatment.

The ultimate goal of a chiropractic vet is to restore and maximum function and mobility of your animal. Animals are very playful and this is what they do most of the day. If there is something wrong in their bodies, animals can feel depress and lonely. But do not get this wrong, veterinary chiropractic is not here to replace veterinary medicine. It simply offers an alternative treatment to your animal’s injuries or physical ailments. For more visit

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