Life is choices and there is no way around that. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep your entire day will be filled with choices that you have to make. Even if you decide not to make a choice you are still making a choice. But the question you should ask yourself is: Are these choices creating leverage for me to later go and get what I feel my life is worth; or are these choices creating reasons for why I don’t really even deserve what I already have.

As I said in a video in the video blog section entitled “Prove It.” You don’t get what you want, deserve, desire, or earn. You get what you can prove (to whoever is doing the giving) you deserve. So with that in mind, what choice can you make today that will have the long term effect of placing you in a position of power? Will the last decision you made have a beneficial impact by giving you more leverage when you start bargaining with life?

So many of us go through our daily lives on autopilot, whatever happens happens and whatever doesn’t doesn’t. Then we reach the end of the line and wonder what happened and/or why something didn’t happen. We place responsibility for it on everyone but ourselves. Your life at this point, can be at most levels boiled down to a choice that you either made, or decided not to make. Who’s fault is it really that you don’t have?
I know plenty of people that couldn’t find a job so they stopped thinking about finding a job as being a solution to a problem and started looking at the real problem. For most of us not having a job isn’t a problem; not having money is. So they chose to stop looking at the problem that way and to look at it a different way. They’re problem switch from the surface problem of not having a job to the real problem of not having money. Once that switch happened they opened up to loads of different ways to acquire money and they are all doing well at whatever venture they are off on. One idea that started out as a way to make money actually ended with a job for a particular friend. But it all started with a choice. A decision to not be defeated and to keep pushing and thinking outside of the box.

We all have our choices to make in life, but don’t waste time trying not to make a choice because even in doing that you are, in effect, making a choice. So make sure the next one you make will be either solving a problem or moving you one step closer to solving a problem.

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Patrick Irvine is a young man on a quest for wisdom, with a burning desire to share what has been learned thus far. After serving 6 years in the Air Force Active duty, he published his first book and started a Leadership/ Management Consulting Firm. Shortly there after he began to travel as a Motivational Youth Speaker, where he shares the message of responsibility and positive thinking.