Microsoft is a leading software development association in the world with leading products like office, Azure and so on. For making the process smooth, Microsoft has initiated a program and started to make partners with the name Microsoft CSP Partners. This Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program enables the partners to manage their Microsoft cloud customer lifecycle. These program partners can utilise the in-products tools with provision, manage and support customer subscription. The Azure CSP Partners are empowered to manage sales, billing relationships, and technical support and become a single point of contact for customers.
Benefits of using Tier 1 CSP
The tier 1 CSP partners are capable to work directly with Microsoft and no longer remain distributors. These CSP partners have to prove that they can handle support and cloud expertise. If you are using the Tier 1 CSP partner services, then it brings distinct perks for you:
• These Azure CSP partners have access to expert cloud consultants and facilitate services directly to the user.
• Users need to pay only for the services they want or need. There is an upfront payment, as well as users, can uplift or draw subscriptions whenever want.
• These partners are the single point of contact where users can get entire technical support. The billing relationship is also formed with these Azure CSR Partners and Microsoft Azure is only contacted when additional advanced support is needed.
• A monthly consolidated billing invoice that includes information on all services. This billing also includes information on the subscription of Azure.
• The prices of Azure Cloud and other services are competitive.
• As a CSP partner or user, you can access a bundle of services. This includes Azure Stack as Service, Express Route or Cloud Connect, Cloud Operational Services with 24*7 monitoring.
• The CSP partners facilitate advice and provisional for the subscribed services with the same control and features of the IT department.
These are some benefits for the user when they get CSP partner services. It helps in providing regional support and expertise at any time. All the Azure services are available with full control and access to the Azure portal.
Qualities you should look at before choosing Azure CSP Partner
Microsoft has simplified its licensing program as an organisation can now purchase all licenses of the Cloud Solution Provider Program from a certified CSP partner. This article will help you to understand what qualities you should look for that fulfil all software requirements.
• Understand Microsoft Licensing Plan: Azure CSP partner helps in explaining the benefits, features, and differences between various subscription plans. A good Azure CSP Partner states all the qualities and provides a deeper understanding of the subscription that fits the business and its needs. It not only signifies to you the things available in the subscription plan but also facilitates technical expertise to design, develop, implement and support software investment.
• Deliver value for real impact: The Azure CSP partner suggests a business review of the subscription and provides advice to save cost on subscription. A partner makes you understand the subscription work best for the current requirement. A good Microsoft partner is always available for you to cut down your IT expenditure and streamline the operations.
• Improve security compliance: A good Azure CSP partner discuss closely all the security features and capabilities of the things included in the plan. A partner describes clearly the security framework and methodologies that protect your cloud storage. If you find any sort of malicious activity in the account, contact immediately to the CSP partner and get a solution for it.

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As a user of the Microsoft Suite, you need to understand what quality features and services are provided by the Azure CSP partners. These services and benefits could help you to frequently asked questions during services.