The motherboard is one of the most important components when assembling a computer by parts. This is because in it we will directly connect both the RAM, CPU, hard drives, graphics cards, and power supply, essential elements for a computer to function at full performance.

Buying a motherboard is not an easy task, since in the choice of factors of the same you enter many technical aspects, so I recommend you speak to a specialist before buying a motherboard for your computer.

You are going to use an AMD or Intel processor, this is the first choice that you should know and take into account when buying a new motherboard for your PC.

The Intel Core i9-9900k processor is designed for the most intense gaming pc builds in 2020. In, we've written that you may be interested in also include the recommended motherboard for Intel Core i9-9900k gaming pc builds.

How to choose the right motherboard for your computer?

Low-End Motherboards are entry-level PC motherboards, designed to work with low-end processors and built to be used in office and home PCs.

Mid-Range Motherboards are motherboards for PCs where a certain performance is required, such as these for a long time on or playing games, they are designed to work with mid-range processors and created to be used in office and gaming PCs.

High-End Motherboards are high-performance PC motherboards, designed to work with high-end processors and created to be used in office PCs as architects and video editors, as well as for gaming equipment with high-end graphics.

The motherboard is a board with a printed circuit, responsible for interconnecting all the essential components that make up the computer as such.

The motherboard is essential since it has a series of integrated circuits, within this series of circuits the processing chipset is installed, which is the connection center of the entire computer, which is responsible for interconnecting each of the components of the computer. computer.

Nowadays, due to the demand of users, it is of great importance to have a motherboard model that meets the needs of the person, the motherboard is a very important component since it must support a large processor, video card, memory, among others. , to carry out activities of multiple positions, such as carrying out multimedia content, tasks in virtual reality, or simply leisure when using them to play video games, since these activities require greater performance on the PC, so it is essential to have an excellent motherboard.

How do you know if a processor is compatible with your computer's motherboard? For sale, there is a wide variety of pc processors with several unique features and different that will adjust to a series of needs and of course to a specific motherboard. So you should know that not all processors are compatible with the motherboards of a computer.

To find out if your processor is compatible with a motherboard, you must pay special attention to the chipset that each PC board has inserted and the BIOS version. Is it possible that what I'm telling you sounds like Chinese to you? So more simply, current motherboards are usually accompanied by a manual (or information on their official websites) in which the processor models that are compatible with them are reported.

And as a last alternative, you can also access this information through the CPU-Z program, which will offer you all kinds of information about your PC such as the motherboard and the compatible processors.

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