Every person soon to be wedded like to have unique wedding bands that marks their loving bond is quite important part of their life. In the present times, wearing only simple wedding band isn’t the trend. Couples like to wear some other striking jewel ring along with their wedding bands or like to customize their wedding rings to be embedded with beautiful everlasting stones.

They don’t have to search far as black onyx is the perfect gem to make their wedding band look stunningly special. People do favor to buy black onyx engagement rings. Even bloggers writing specifically about jewels suggest buying black onyx rings for gifting in special occasions because of its never-ending distinctive value. Websites like Ring Advisers informing more in lines about the right jewels to own are highly popular because they provide all the detailed information about jewels and reviews posted by the particular jewelry owners for buyers to choose the best.

More in detail about black onyx gem stone-

It is classified as a family member of Chalcedony gem stones. Usually, people get confused as it resembles Agate as both have bands of white. However, there is slight difference in both the gem stones resemblance and both the gems possess some totally individuality qualities. Black onyx is special as it has both white and black lines and the later is more dominantly striking in appearance. Jewelry makers make sure that the white lines aren’t seen thus you visualize only the dark black lines.

In earlier days, black onyx stone was used mainly to make cameos and it were real heirlooms treasured especially by people in love. In the present times, black onyx is dyed to reflect uniform color and to promote its status of expensive jewelry.

Emotions linked to black onyx stone-

Even though in earlier centuries the black onyx was used for carving cameos portraying face of beloved person, the stone was said to be sign of sadness as it is black in color. However, some believed that it evaded its wearer to be troubled from any negativity in life. Yes, for some it was the lucky charm to be with them always.

Black onyx has especial place in Greek mythology. According to Greek language black onyx means nail of a claw or a finger. The stories say that it is part of Venus goddess fingernails that fell on the ground and became onyx.

Italian and Hebrew believe that black onyx is the birth stone of people born in the month of July. It gives them the power and courage. Hence, black onyx stone is quite popular as one of the luckiest and long-lasting jewels fit to design wedding rings.

Black onyx as special ring to be worn as wedding ring:

  • Wedding rings are usually worn every day. Black onyx stones are long lasting and look stunning matching with any dress of yours.
  • They require minimal maintenance and looks gorgeous when embedded in precious metal like rose gold, silver and platinum.
  • They are affordable gems thus no worries of spending a lot on your wedding ring.

Enjoy wearing black onyx wedding bands that are sure to look stunning for the wedding day.




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