Parents start collecting baby names before the birth of a newborn, as coming of a new life excites them and brings joy in the family. They consider sources such as baby names books or web portals to pick a name for their new born boy or girl. We all believe that names depict the personality traits of a person; if you call your baby by a famous name then it can affect his or her destiny to bloom fully. Another aspect to lookout Celebrity names is the uniqueness in pronunciation and meaning.

A new addition in family or new entry of a junior member of the family is the moment of celebration or excitement, family members or friends suggest baby names for a newbie and insisting on this or that baby names. Baby naming ceremony is celebrated with relishing food items or cookies or cakes and aroma surrounded with flowery decoration of rose, lily etc. A good or soft or classy music is win over the delightful baby naming ceremony. When organizing a naming day at home, there are a few things you will need to consider. For instance, the number of guests you would like invite and how many food items you need to delight your guests.

Famous baby names are the recent emerging trend:

Most of the people generally admire celebrities and they will also give a name to their baby similar to the name of their favorite celebrity. Celebrities often invent great names that become the finest example in the eye of the general public. Largely people are switching a trend where there is no boundary of origin and even meaning. Parents make the decision after going through some recent popular names.

Even old names you might hear in today’s time, here some examples of famous baby names and their meaning that you might hear now a days.

Elizabeth—a very old popular name of America depicts best the personality of Queen Elizabeth, born in the year of 1533 and died in 1603 was the queen of England and Ireland. She was also famously called The Virgin Queen, Gloriana, or Good Queen Bess, Elizabeth was the fifth and last monarch of the Tudor dynasty.

Obama— Barack Hussein Obama born August 4, 1961 is the 44th and current President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold the office. His name meaning is

Indira Gandhi— A name of the great personality famous in India, Indira Gandhi was a politician bon in the year of 1917, Indira Gandhi was the first female prime minister to hold the office in Delhi, India.

Lady Gaga— A strange name yet one of the top baby name in America, Lady Gaga, is an American pop singer-songwriter.

Harry potter— it’s a most popular fantasy novel character created by J. K. Rowling, Harry become a very popularly used name, parents are keeping Harry name to the newborn baby boy.

Princess Leia—Princess Leia is a fair complexioned beautiful woman having brown eyes of Star Wars trilogy series (1977), who is always remembered as a most appealing fictional character of Star Wars Universe created by George Lucus.

Halide Edip Adıvar— His is the famous turkish novelist, and his name is very popular as a top turkish baby name.

Nguyen Anh Duc — His is the famous footballer, and his name is very popular as a top Vietnamese baby name.

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