We are what we think. We create what we think.

What we resist persists. What we focus on expands.

We are super powerful creating creatures…

Our mind is a honing device for creating, a GPS for getting places… We create what we think whether intentionally or not. Left to its own untrained devices it creates the chaos and unruly inner experience with or without our consent… That’s just how the mind works. It is our responsibility to train our mind, to have a fabulous inner world that can be reflected in our outer world. If we have bad inner world habits, we have chaotic energy, send out conflicting messages, and therefore create inconsistent results in our life… And, this of course, applies to our relationship.

This is a very messy and dissatisfying way to go about having the relationship we want. As a matter of fact, this ensures that we do not create an awesome relationship. It behooves us to explore our scripts and underlying subconscious believes around relationships to identify how they serve us. Unless attended, we usually have a mess here… It is imperative that we clean house. It is imperative that we align our beliefs to our values and desires. It is imperative that we rewrite our scripts and mind our thought patterns. It is imperative that we instill good mental hygiene, that we refresh our thinking to focus on what we desire. If we do not take charge of our most valuable and powerful tool that is our brain-mind in the game of life, we won’t win. We won’t create our Authentic Life and Awesome Relationship. Indeed we’d create exactly the opposite of what we set out to create.

Proactively programming and rewiring our brain, establishing a healthy and successful mindset, and having supportive mental habits ensures we create the life and relationship we desire and deserve, for I know that we are all here to experience a magnificent relationship as part of our human experience… It is our duty to fully follow our human directive and do whatever it takes to meet this challenge.

Set the intention now to upgrade your relationship and to experience its inherent synergy and magnificence. Take a moment to envision it in its full glory. In your minds eye, play the tape of your awesome and magnificent relationship with your partner on a given day. What happens when you gain awareness first thing in the morning? What do you do before you get out of bed? What is your morning ritual? How do you get ready for the day? What Self care measures do you do? How are you relating with our partner? How do you go your separate ways? How do you stay in connection? How is the rest of your day set up? What recharges and inspires you? When do you touch base with your partner? How does it feel? How do you plan for reconvening? What special ritual do you have? How does the rest of your day or evening look like? How are you enjoying your partner? How do you feel? How do you retire for the night? What ritual do you have in place? How do you set yourself up for restful, recharging and healing sleep? How does the next day go? The rest of the week? Weekend? Month? Quarter? Seasons? Year?

Take your time to fully envision and feel each desire, creation… Feel it in your bones, as if it’s already happening. In your mind and desires it already is, and so it is…

Quite down any resistance by observing it and letting it go. Go back to each question and flesh it out to your heart’s content… Imagine it’s next year at this time and your relationship has been upgraded… Your vision is a reality… How do you feel? Really, your vision is a reality – how do you feel? Expand this feeling… Feel it… Your sit with this…

This is your intention for the next year for your relationship… Repeat this exercise DAILY… Do not slack off. Stick with this… Make a commitment to strive and create the elements of your vision. Think, feel and behave EVERYDAY as if your vision is already a reality… Do whatever it takes to make this happen. It is up to YOU to make your masterpiece… And so it is…

Complete the MetroRelationship™ Assignment below to help you effortlessly implement this, make changes and immediately start experiencing your awesome relationship, and Authentic Life…

Happy Intentioning!

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~ Your MetroRelationship™ Assignment

One way to ensure we stick with our goals, resolutions and intentions is to create a new habit.

To create a new habit we need to automate how we approach the task at hand.

The way to automate our approach is to set up a Relationship Investment Pattern-Repetition™ (RIP) around it.

Set up a RIP™ around investing in your relationship. Here are some ticklers…

– Sunday morning sex, breakfast in bed, brunch in different settings

– Synchronizing schedules and plans for the week on Sunday evenings to ensure weeknight(s) couple time

– Monday night couples session (coaching / therapy)

– Tuesday and Thursday joint exercise or neighborhood, park, beach, other walk

– Wednesday night special couple dinner

– Wednesday night Chat™

– Friday movie, game, hobby, outing, other night

– Saturday date night

Agree to your RIP™ with your partner and set it up by rearranging your schedules, making ongoing reservations, purchasing related memberships or subscriptions, calendaring babysitting, etc.

Add this to your Tool Kit…

~ Share Your Thoughts & Successes!

Take a moment now to share below any thoughts, comments, take away, tips, and successes! PLEASE post a comment now – we grow in community!

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Author's Bio: 

Emma K. Viglucci, LMFT has been in the mental health field in varying capacities for the past 20+ years. She is the Founder and Director of MetroRelationship.com a psychotherapy and coaching practice specializing in working with busy professional and entrepreneurial couples who are struggling getting on the same page and feeling connected.