Most of us remember the lock and key with nostalgia; they have protected our doors for ages but just like in any other area in our lives technology is changing the way we do things. We live at a time when electronic door locks are quickly taking over and replacing the traditional lock and key. There are different types of the electronic lock and knowing the differences between them will allow you to make an informed decision.

Keypad locks: Even though they are technically known as electronic door locks, the keypad lock is somewhat different from the traditional lock; they come with a keypad that is placed above the door handle or know with numbers zero to nine so that you cannot gain access unless you have the correct number code. This is especially good for situations where using a physical key becomes inconvenient. You will forget the business of diffing through your purse to look for the keys and if there is a guest at your door when no one else is around, you could also give them the code but which can be reprogrammed thereafter.

Key fob locks: The key fob electronic lock can be compared to our remote car lock such that instead of doing anything manual like you would do with the keypad lock, you activate the locking mechanism remotely using a fob; you lock or unlock as desired by pressing on a button. People prefer the key fob over the keypad locks since you can unlock the door as you are approaching it or after you have left. However, you still have to be within a given distance of the door in order to use this kind of electronic door lock.

Remote access locks: These are perhaps the most convenient among all the kinds of electronic locks that are available and they may be the ones that are able to truly protect your home. The system of locking and unlocking is almost similar to that of the fob lock but then they are much easier to use; most importantly you can operate it even when you are away from home. This type of electronic door lock can be operated from any location so long as there is internet connection. The lock can also be integrated with the rest of your home security system which means that you will be able to check on it or lock and unlock using an online account. With the remote access lock you will be able to comfortably lock that door when the kids leave or even lock if you remember that you had forgotten and also open for a service person while you are away and look once they finish.

Convenience and security: Whether you are choosing a keypad lock, the key fob or the remote access lock, you are technically using different types of electronic door locks. Take your time to ask yourself which one of those electronic locks will give you the convenience and security you desire and then go for it.

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