Whether you are a casual jogger or a marathon runner, the shoe matters. The size of a person does not correlate with how wide their feet are. Genetics is the leading cause of this problem. A smaller person in stature could have extremely wide feet while a bigger person may have narrow feet. Typically, males have a higher percentage of wide feet than females.

Wrong Issues for Choose Shoes

Finding stylish, or functioning shoes for wide feet can be a problem. Many designers create shoes for appearance before the comfortable fit. When you have wider feet shopping can be a nightmare. If you choose narrow running shoes , your feet can become swollen. You may begin seeing calluses or bunions appearing. When your feet are under pressure, pain can begin. This does not only happen in your feet but in your ankles and legs as well. Even back problems can begin. It is vital to pick the correct running shoes for wide feet.

Choose Running Shoes for Wide Feet

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 has a sleek design. These are available in both women's and men's. Created with a softer sole each step allows for better shock absorbance. These shoes mold to your feet for added comfort. Available in several colors including blue, red and orange.

However, if you have a higher instep they may not fit properly. Additionally, while they are great for daily jogs or marathons, they may be too heavy for a race.

The Saucony Hurricane ISO 5 helps your feet breath to keep them cool and comfortable. Made with durable mesh, the slender design is aerodynamic. People with flat-feet will love the comfort these shoes offer. While running you will feel like you are gliding on air. However, for people with high arches, it may not be as pleasant.

The Adidas Energy Cloud 2 running shoe is fantastic for wide feet. With high shock absorbance, every step will feel like walking on a cloud. Lightweight and durable for a causal marathon or an extreme race. Created with a mesh material to keep your feet cool and comfortable. However, some people have reported that a crease forms up in the toe area.

The ASICS Women's Gel-Flux 4 running shoe is ideal for any type of jogging or running. This shoe also comes in a male version but they do not have the GEL system. The GEL system allows complete control of each step through different terrain. A highly advanced shock absorbance for each foot transition. With every bounce off the ground, you will feel like you are walking on clouds.

However, the toe compartment may be a little narrow to where your big toe may ride the side. Purchasing a half size larger may relieve this issue.

The New Balance Vazee Urge-M running shoe has a polished design, perfect for the runner in you. Lightweight and hugs your feet for maximum control with every race or marathon. Most people recommended this shoe for appearance and relief from sore feet. However, the insole seems to be made cheaply. You can swap them out for other foot cushioning insoles.

The Inov-8 Parkclaw 275 running shoe is great for the road to off-road. Each terrain switch feels smooth with every bouncy step. The sole grip is extraordinary so you will not slip while running over rocks or slick surfaces. The material is lightweight as well as durable to protect feet from flying debris. Most of the reviews were excellent. However, some people complained about the sole separating from the shoe.

The New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro is a perfect fit as running shoes for wide feet. Versatile and sleek, these shoes hug your feet for ultimate comfort. The traction is out-of-this-world for different terrain jogging or running. Lightweight for sprinting or long marathons. However, they only are available in orange. Which is great for visibility, but not very aesthetically appealing.


Buying running shoes for wide feet can be challenging. Not only would you want comfort and flexibility, but also good-looking to the eyes. The health of your feet is vital to your overall well being. Improper shoes can cause short-term pain or long-term problems.

It is important to obtain the correct shoes for running, sports and climbing. You do not have to stop doing what you love because of genetically created wide feet.

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