According to Product Safety Australia of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, there are around 3850 children under 15 years old who are treated every year for bunk bed related injuries by hospital emergency departments or general practitioners.A bunk bed is unsafe for children, regardless of age, if it does not comply with the mandatory standard. It’s important that kids’ beds are not only comfortable but safe as well.

Not all bed types are suited for all ages. Babies have Moses baskets or cradles; toddlers have cribs; kids have cot bedding; and older children have bunk beds. Whichever type you choose for your little ones, remember to consider the basic standards to avoid dealing with unlikely scenarios,like infant deaths.

Types of Bed for Babies and Children

Below is a list of the types of bed for the different stages in your child’s young life:

- Babies’ beds
   - Bassinet
      - Best for babies less than one year old
   - Cradle
      - Same as the bassinet but usually heavier and rocks back and forth
   - Moses baskets
      - Portable bassinets with handles
      - Best for newborns until they are big enough for a bassinet
   - Co-sleeper
      - Great for nursing mothersbecause of the crib’s removable side that allows it to be pushed against the parent’s bed for night-time feeding
      - Can be converted into a playpen when the baby gets older
      - Can serve as a changing table
   - Portable crib
      - Can serve as a playpen
      - Back-up baby bed when travelling
      - Easy to set up and disassemble
   - Mini-crib
      - Ideal in a small nursery or in a corner of the parents’ room
      - Looks like a regular crib
      - Can be adjusted as needed as the baby grows
   - Crib
      - Can be used for newborns until they are ready for the toddler beds
      - Can be converted to become toddler beds
      - Types of cribs:
- Standard – with either a single drop side or double drop sides
- Convertible –converts from a standard crib to a toddler bed and then to a full-sized bed
- Canopy –has four posts on the corners of the bed where you can place fabric canopies
- Round –has a single drop side and becoming a more popular option
- Children’s beds
   - Bunk bed
      - Space-saving
      - Two beds that take the space of one
      - Twin-sized and stacked one directly above the other
      - Has built-in or detachable ladder for climbing the top bunk
   - Trundle bed
      - Space-saving
      - Looks like a single bed
      - Has an underneath platform with a slightly smaller thin mattress that can be pulled out
   - Loft or high sleeper bed
      - Has a bed raised high off the ground
      - Has enough space below the bed for a desk, bookshelves, futon chair, or a combination of all these elements
   - Captains bed
      - Also known as storage bed
      - Has drawers or shelves underneath for storage space
   - Day bed
      - Can serve as seating area during the day and sleeping areas at night
      - Can be used for sitting or lounging
   - Themed or shaped bed
      - Decorative styles: princesses, sports, etc.

The list above will help you make an informed decision when you buy a bed for your child.

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