Planning a conference for your company not only boosts your career but also enhances the visibility. It strengthens the company’s sales and morale depending on its purpose. Planning conferences can be complex, tough and tricky and therefore this task is handed over to a person who can look after every element be it food, comfortable seats, sufficient space or whatever that is necessary. Think wisely about each element like air conditioning, heat, morning coffee and much more.

Plan your company conference wisely and don’t leave anything even the conference venues to chance. Look at these tips to plan your event successfully:

• Decide on the purpose: If you wish to make your conference event successful, you must have a clear purpose. Find out what you want as output from this particular event. Is it meant for any product launch or to motivate sales force? Having the purpose in mind helps determining the rest of your conference event like its size, its speakers and the agenda.

• Brainstorm for a successful plan: Once you’re done with finding the purpose, start brainstorming. Research and only research will help you figure out the things and making everything go smoothly by its way. What would you want to see? What expectations you have when it comes to the conversion factor or something else as far as output of the event is concerned? How to engage well-known industrialists and speakers? What about the event place? Should it be near the company or in any such area that is convenient throughout the UK and overseas? Have answers for all these

• Create a budget: On behalf of your company, plan out a budget to work upon. And set up everything keeping that budget in mind. Things like speakers and meals are to be taken special care of. Based on your budget find out the best of all conference halls in London that can offer seating space for the number of people attending the event. Create a list of everything you need and divide the budget accordingly. Always make sure that the venue is able to accommodate your number of guests.

• Research available dates: Start planning for your conference at least six month before, even it would be better if you start looking for the same a year before. Such events have multitude of logistics and you have to look for a venue, vendors and speakers etc. to be available on those particular dates. If you have started your search at a later date, there are chances of these elements to be limited.

• Publicize: To get the most out of your expected output, make sure you publicize and promote the conference event so as to involve more and more participants to it. Doing this will excite the people attending your conference and also let them know what the meeting is all about. Though it is not mandatory to publicize the event, but it can help you in providing the reasons for the target audience to attend sessions. Use this tactic as an informational channel to let people know the dates, agenda, venue and any surrounding attractions.

• Book the venue: Set up all the commitments for the conference venue in London where your entire event is to be held. If the venue itself is going to prepare and serve the meeting meals including lunch/ dinner, coffee and drinks etc. make arrangements for them as well. And if you are hiring catering services from outside, make sure you coordinate well with the service providers and ask them to make available all the decided meals on time.

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