Crane is one of the most important inventions playing a key role in industrial revolution and infrastructure development across the globe. Cranes prove to be very useful and efficient in lifting, pulling and moving heavy machinery or raw material, which is otherwise beyond human capacity. Taking a crane service for your construction site is something which is mandatory and without which your work will not be possible. But in this article we will be focusing on the safety features to be kept in mind at the time of crane rental to ensure safety of your staff and site infrastructure.

Safety of the crane is very important!

Whether you are hiring a crane for heavy equipment hauling or for a large tree removal, safety is one of the most important paramount. For example in a high rise building if foundation is not strong then the building will fall like a stash of cards. In the same way a crane which will be lifting equipment and material weight tonnes is not made properly with a proper and strong foundation then it can lead to a major human and material loss at your construction site. So next time when you go to hire a crane for any work such as equipment hauling, tree removal, cell tower transportation or installation or for HVAC removal, HVAC moving or HVAC installation, make sure crane has a safe and sound foundation.

Check the built of the steel grillage!

Basically steel grillage is the base of the crane. It is also referred as crane base, crane grillage or tower crane base. It is important to understand that before you rent a crane for your site you should check the built of the steel grillage. It should have proper welding, assembly and its mechanism should be in place to ensure the safety of people and material around it. It is always advisable to hire experience engineers and construction workers having expertise in building and assembling of steel grillage to avoid any mis happening at the construction site and give peace of mind to people working around the crane.

Educating the people working in and around the crane!

Hiring experienced and expert engineers is not sufficient to ensure safety of people working around the crane. Educating the workers at the construction site about safety features and function of the crane is equally important. People working in and around the crane should be aware of various features of the crane and should also know about action that has to be taken at the time of emergency.


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