Dogs are man’s best friend and his oldest companions. To ensure a happy and healthy living, you need to ensure that your dog is well fed at the right times. Dogs are intelligent and sensitive to their owner’s responses towards the animals. Dog bowls ensure hygienic and easy feeding for your dogs.

Dog bowls can be sued to instill proper feeding habits where the dog can be taught only from his bowl and not from the table or floors. These bowls help you to serve good food in a sterile medium and to have a control on the quantity of food that is being given to the dog.

Dog bowls are available in various sizes and shapes. For larger dogs, it is recommended to go for wide mouthed bowls whereas toy breeds and other small dogs can be fed in small bowls. Online shopping is the easiest method to hit upon the right dog bowl. The best thing is that dog bowls are available in various types including plastic, porcelain and steel among others. Ceramic Dog Bowls are easy to clean, look nice and heavy enough so that the dog will not topple it and spill the food all over. Cracked ceramic dishes should be replaced immediately to avoid injuries to the dog.

Plastic Dog Food Bowls are comparatively cheaper and are easy to maintain. However some dogs could be allergic to plastic bowls, and unlike ceramic bowls these can’t be fully sterile as they can accumulate dirt or even disease causing germs. Stainless Steel Dog Bowls are perfect choices as these are easy to clean, stylish and sturdy and long lasting.

Just like the material of the dog bowls, positioning of the bowls is also important. These should be placed in such a way that the dog need to strain its neck or stoop down to have its food. You can solve this problem by keeping the dog bowls over a platform or a tray. Food bowls will not only ensure proper feeding of your pet but will also reduce wastage and spillage, thereby keeping the pet’s corner neat and tidy.

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Though Dog bowls are essential accessories like dog leashes for any dog owner as it ensures hassle free feeding of the animal at the right time, most pet owners never seem to pay attention to this issue. Dog feeders should be purchased to suit the size and feeding habits of the dog to ensure the best results.