For anyone to consider how to go mobile must be a difficult decision making process. It is either that business process owners can build mobile website themselves or engage a web agency to provide advice and service to go mobile. At most time, great examples of HTML 5 application is rare and even harder to master. It is a sophisticated technical knowledge that professionals have spent hundreds of hours trying to master the element of HTML 5 coding before delivering it on boss’s table. It is without surprise that web agency charge high premium on development as well as maintenance for mobile application.

Now, there is a solution that enables non technical personnel to build their mobile website without having to pay for premium price. While some provide a monthly subscription of $100 - $200 to use their service, some like Morces provides an absolute free platform for anyone to use it. It provides the same convenience for users to explore creativity within the Content Management System to build distinctive mobile website with industrial standard. It gives competitive advantage to the overall business because it comes with functional app such as one touch access to direction and dialer.

Be mindful that mobile website is a new technological solution that makes business operation less opaque to the public as it invites more voices and opinions. However, it is also important to know that web content can be optimized for a seamless mobile pleasure. If ever a mobile website is deem necessary, then no one should miss out Morces. It displays a clean aesthetic layout, clear navigation to direct users from registration page to informative pages to educate people why they should adopt such mobile solution to simple introduction of the young founders. In my opinion, these are platform that provides a simple and easy to use tool for anyone to utilize without involving much maintenance as such setting up servers, tweaking and twisting Javascript to make an interactive application.

Tap on the modern platform to gain competitive edge over its rival. Businesses can leverage on these specialized tool to keep them up-to-date without involving unnecessary effort and cost to hire a professional or agency in which expectation might differ. If time permits, business process owner should take charge just like how the publication team took responsibility for adopting a suitable platform while they can focus on maintaining news integrity; giving highest expectation to its viewers.

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