No matter what you are choosing to post, you need that peace of mind that it will arrive safely especially if you are sending a parcel which contains a fragile item. At Envelopes Ireland we have something for all of your packaging needs so whether you’re posting a birthday present to a friend or an essential wagon part, pleasure or business we have packaging to suit you.

We have a range of different cardboard mailing boxes which are ideal for posting bulky items such as books and toys. These mailing boxes are great for sending out a wide variety of different items, as rigid packaging they are difficult to bend and damage offering you great protection. We stock a range of box mailers which are brightly coloured making them ideal for sending out birthday gifts especially for children. Our all card envelopes are great for sending photographs and other important items where it is essential that they have a lot of protection so that they do not get bent in the post.

When it comes to sending fragile times through the post you should always give them protection with bubble wrap. We stock a range of bubble bags which are available in different colours and finishes making them ideal to send as individual packaging or to add extra protection within our other packaging such as box mailers.

At Envelopes Ireland we have a range of pillow boxes which are great for using to wrap awkward shaped presents, or just if you lack skills in the present wrapping department, the bright colours mean that you can simply put the gift inside knowing that it is neatly wrapped. Our pillow boxes come with a peel and seal closure which makes them secure so you can be comfortable sending them through the post.

We stock a wide range of different envelopes for all of your postal needs. If you need to send out marketing material then you may find that our foil and poly bags suit your needs. The foil and poly bags that we stock are available in a wide variety of different colours which means that they easily attract the attention of the receiver, they are made out of a strong lightweight material and they can easily hold the weight of your marketing materials including brochures or prospectuses. The large range of colours available means that you can easily match the colour of your envelopes to your business colours.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t embrace the different times of year and with our themed envelopes you can make everyone aware. Our themed envelopes are ideal for sending out party invitations or cards and letters, whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or Halloween we have the perfect envelopes for you. We also stock a range of Christmas bags which are great for wrapping presents or sending promotional material.

Antistatic bags are ideal if you want to send electrical components, the bags protect the contents from any electrostatic charges ensuring that no damage is caused. You can use our antistatic bags for sending all items, we stock them in a wide range of sizes making it easy for you to find one that suits your needs.

Here at Envelopes Ireland we want to make sure that you can find all of your packaging materials in one place, with our wide range of stock both individuals and businesses will be able to make the most of our service. Always remember that the more envelopes or packaging you buy from us the cheaper they become, we offer a wonderful discount on volume orders, get buying yours today.

Envelopes Ireland are stockists of envelopes and packaging materials to suit the needs of businesses and individuals alike, with their affordable packaging materials there is no need to ever be caught short.

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