Choose the right psychic or tarot reader for you. I started out working as a professional full time psychic more than forty years ago. Things have changed since then. In those days people would see a little card in a newsagent's window, or an advertisement in the local paper. This meant they were limited to visiting the reader and only a handful - at best - within travelling distance. There was little point in advertising in national magazines and newspapers when people who read them were probably too far away to travel to you. Though people often recommended me to people who lived a long way away, it became a lot of hassle and very time consuming, because they would have to send me a postal order first and then wait for that to clear before I could write back to them. Things got better when it became legal for psychics to take credit card payments for a service and were able to introduce phone readings. With these changes came more available tarot readers and psychics. People who were originally limited to two or three locals now had many more to choose from, and the choice is mind boggling!

How do you choose? Some go by price alone - they usually regret it. Some go by experience and qualifications, some by the feel of a person, some by the methods they use to do their readings. After all, if you have a leaning towards tea leaf or coffee cup readings there are not that many offering it. But at the same time this often means that clients choose the wrong psychic. I have had people say to me that they want me to do them a reading but it must not use the tarot cards, they go on to explain to me that the tarot cards are rubbish and do not work. I wonder if they realise what they are saying?! If they are really crap and I am offering them would that not make me crap too?! If they know more about it than me surely they should avoid me, maybe they should do their own readings?

A young woman will often feel more comfortable with another young woman, who may be less judgmental and have a more modern outlook. But a good clairvoyant is not judgmental anyway.

You should be looking for someone who is affordable with set prices. Avoid anyone who does not have them down in black and white for you to read. This means that they vary from day to day according to their bills, the sound of you, how short of money they are, if they think you sound wealthy and so on. You should avoid anyone who seems to be offering to do a great deal of work for very little. You get this a lot with those offering spells. They claim that they will do you a fantastic spell- which may take hours - yet they then say they will do it for less than a cleaner earns in just one hour. You can be sure then that they do not know what they are doing and will rush it or they are going to pretend they did the work when they did not. Especially if they also have expenses and the website to pay for out of that.

Be sure that the person you choose is properly recommended by a proper organisation, experts or someone who knows their stuff. If they claim they are accurate they should realise it takes more than self praise to convince you. And even if they really believe it they may be wrong. If the reading is simply for the sake of passing away a pleasant hour or so then forget that, it does not matter, but most people want something which is more serious.

It is very important that you feel relaxed with your reader. That you feel you can trust them, trust them as a person, trust them to get it right and be honest with you.

The other thing which matters a lot is whether you prefer skype, telephone or email readings. Some clairvoyants only do one or two of these so if you are determined to have a phone reading there is no point to going to someone who only works through email psychic readings.
But if you have found someone you feel very comfortable with in all of the other ways why not do it their way and see how it goes? Bear in mind there are time differences if you are speaking to someone by phone a long way away, which can be awkward.

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Beth Shepherd offers 40+ years of experience, tried, tested and trusted by professionals and experts, newspapers and magazines. She is a psychic medium tarot reader, relationship expert and adviser.