A good choice of utility jackets is especially important if you are a fan of long walks. Even if you don't like them very much, beautiful and suitable outerwear will help brighten up the gray autumn days. Today we have collected a lot of different information for you regarding the color, shape and material of a fashionable autumn utility jackets. So, if you are seriously thinking about which utility jackets to choose for the fall, this article will definitely help you.


Nylon or Polyester

This is a great durable material that doesn't get blown out of the wind. It dries quickly and does not fade in the sun. Suitable for lovers of long walks. But those who often travel by transport will not like it. This material does not allow air to pass through well, which is why it immediately becomes very hot in it.


Suitable for residents of areas with low humidity and occasional rain. It is a pleasant material that is very breathable. It is rarely hot in it. However, cotton crumples quickly and fades in the sun. If you decide to buy a utility jackets with a cotton top, try to choose a light version.


This is one of the best materials for the upper of a utility jackets. It is very pleasant to the touch, is not blown by the wind, but at the same time it “breathes” perfectly. One of the disadvantages of a utility jackets made of this material is that it can become highly electrified. Now let's talk about insulation. Fall can be too cold to do with windbreakers and thin outerwear. That is why you should think about a utility jackets with quality insulation.


One of the most common synthetic insulation. It is cheap and light, but very voluminous and will look bad on women with a non-standard figure. It also has an extremely short lifespan.

Synthetic substitute for fluff

Such substitutes include, for example, holofiber, as well as iSOFT and firetech. This is a great option for people with allergies. It is lightweight, does not put on weight at all, and it is very easy to care for it. Only now it is not suitable for people who live in regions with extremely low temperatures. Therefore, it is better to wear such a utility jackets only in autumn and warm winter. These are heaters such as goose down and feathers. This insulation is thin and very lightweight. It will warm you perfectly even on the coldest winter evenings. But taking care of him is quite difficult. In addition, it dries for a very long time.



What color utility jackets should I choose?

 On the one hand, you want something bright and unusual, but on the other hand, you need outerwear to go well with many other things. We do not recommend purchasing black or overly dark utility jacketss, whatever your figure. There is an opinion that black is slimming, but this rule does not apply to utility jacketss.

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