Are you having trouble moving around due to old age, illness or disability? There are several mobility devices in the market today, with wheelchairs being the most comfortable, affordable and convenient because they fit the specific needs of different users.

From manual wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs, to self propelled and folding wheelchairs, there are different options for you to choose from depending on your specific needs and of course depending on your preferences. However, for those that might be overwhelmed by the different options available, this post is meant to simplify the process for you. So, (please) keep reading for some useful tips on how to choose the right wheelchair for you (or your loved one).

• Make your choice based on comfort – Since you will be on your wheelchair for the better part of the day and the days to come, it is important that you go for comfort. Yes there are different categories of chairs to choose from but don’t go for a caregiver propelled wheelchair unless you are sure that you will have someone with you at all times. But even if you will, it is advisable that you buy a self propelled chair as it gives you freedom to move around without having to wait for someone else to help you do it.

• Consider the wheelchair size and dimensions – Different wheelchairs are designed for different body shapes and sizes with the intentions of making all users comfortable and happy. So, choose your wheelchair depending on the seat depth, seat width, and the height of the seat from the ground, backrest, leg rest and armrest. The idea is to find a wheelchair that gives you maximum comfort as you move around.

• Consider your current living environment – Though most suppliers will not tell you, it is important to think about where you live before picking a wheelchair. If truth be told, moving on thick carpets, for example, would be exhausting compared to movement on tile or linoleum.

On the other hand, going uphill can be draining, while going downhill is unsafe. So, if you live in an area that might make your mobility on chair more exhausting or dangerous, you should either opt for a different disability friendly mobility aid or relocate to a safe place.

• Consider wheelchairs that tilt or recline – Being confined to a wheelchair is one of the most trying experiences for anyone. But since it is the best way to keep you moving, it is important that you choose your wheelchair wisely. Now, since you will be on the wheelchair for long hours, it is bet that you find one that can tilt or recline to change your posture every once in a while.

• Consider quality over price – Since the chair will be the answer to all our mobility problems, you should consider going for quality even if it might cost you more than planned. This is because with quality, you get durability, stability and good value for money.

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Barrack Diego is a freelance writer.