It is incredible to be alive today and to have the freedom to choose, how your life will unfold in the future. You can either choose to continue spinning your wheels, where you just keep getting more of the same, disappointment, regret or where you get to experience no meaning in your life at all. Or you can make a different, better choice, where you choose to improve things, by inviting daily discipline into your life. Your commitment to daily discipline, is will direct you to take inspired goal specific action daily. So that over time, you can achieve the goals and dreams you have set for yourself. When you make the better choice of inviting discipline into your life, you will see both meaning and fulfilment start seeping into your experience.

Choose to change
On any day of our choosing, we can choose to change it all. We can either chose to slouch in the couch and watch the idiot’s lantern in our lounge or we can make a different, better choice and rather read a book, which will open our mind to new knowledge, experience and help us to improve our skills and abilities. We can also make the choice to become more industrious, where we carry out new daily activities to support us to process positive life change.

To be human is so incredible, we can make all these choices, today, next week, next month or never. The choice is always yours. What do you choose to do? You will arrive somewhere five years from now. Where would you like that to be? Somewhere of your choosing or wherever the wind of chance has blown you? I think the choice here is pretty obvious.

You can either Pretend or Perform
If you continue to choose to climb onto the hamster wheel of discontent every day, where you continue to pretend, rather than actually perform, spinning your wheels, never getting anything meaningful done every day. You will still feel tired every night, but you will never feel satisfied or content. If you make the wiser choice and you actually, schedule time daily and then utilise this time to take inspired goal specific action every day, you will still feel like you have worked, but instead of feeling empty, you will feel energised, inspired and extremely satisfied with your life.

Of Course Change is Uncomfortable
Remaining as you are, trapped on a never ending treadmill of discontent, is by no means comfortable. It is just familiar. Yes of course making new different choices, where self-discipline will be chosen over procrastination, focus over distraction, labour over entertainment, truth over delusion and confidence over doubt, will be uncomfortable at first, but the benefits which will flow to you, from these crucial changes, will be well worth the small amount of discomfort you will feel. Your self-imposed comfort zone is not by any means comfortable, it is just familiar. Dare to break free from the prison of your comfort zone and start to live the inspired life, which is your birth-right.

You get to Create your Future
The life you are living right now and the life you will lead in the future, is the result of all the choices you have made or failed to make in the past and will make or fail to make from this moment onwards. You have both the ability and responsibility to start to make better choices, starting right now. If you are seeking to live a better life, which I am sure is the case, then it is not answers or time to think things through, which you need.

Become Decisive
You need to become more decisive and start to make a few better choices about your daily activities. You cannot allow the same errors in judgement, which have got you to where you are today, to continue to be repeated into the future. Make better choices; do not always try to find instant gratification and pleasure in the moment. Rather engage in daily discipline, where you make better choices, which will make a positive difference to your life, bringing happiness, meaning and fulfilment into your experience.

The choice for you always is simple. If you do not like the way things in your life are right now, it is time to start to making better choices and to start to change things. You are not a plant or an animal, which does not have the freedom of choice. You are an incredible human being, who has both the ability and responsibility to change things, by making better, wiser choices. You can transform your life, if you choose, by flexing your choice muscle and allowing yourself to make better more positive choices.

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