Self control is a conscious choice that we have to make. It has to be a definite choice because sometimes control is very difficult to maintain. In other words when you choose to be in control you have to have a made up mind and determination. If you don’t learn how to exercise control and do it in certain situations you will lose the battle. Self control is an indicator of maturity. The mature man or woman doesn’t become emotional and blurt out when angry or hurt. He or she will calmly evaluate the situation and rise to the occasion when they respond.

Some people are sensitive which indicates a lack of confidence. The confident person is not affected by the thoughts, words, and deeds of other people. He or she is sure of their own abilities and are not set back by the attacks of other people. The confident person doesn’t feel the need to compare themselves with others because they are not in competition with others.

The biggest factor in learning how to exercise self control is to learn to control our attitude about life. If we are confident we are anxious about the challenges and opportunities that each new day brings. The confident person will not be apprehensive about whatever the day may bring because he or she knows that they can handle it.

In order to modify your own outlook and attitude learn how to look at the world through rose colored glasses. An outlook which is fresh and pure will cause the world around you to look fresh and pure. This will modify your own outlook and the way that you look at other people.

One thing that I have learned the hard way is that sometimes the truth is best left unsaid. When things or people are not as nice as they could or should be there is no use talking about it. Talking about it will only keep the negative in front of you and keep your mind in a negative frame. Another thing that I have learned is that when you talk about other people it will put a strain on your relationship. They will feel the negative. When you speak negative things you only cause your own attitude to get worse. This is the case even when what you are saying is true. The negative things that you say about others will always get back to them whether through someone else’s mouth or through your own negative actions.

Always look for the good in other people even if it is hard to find. Another lesson that I have learned is that people can and do change sometimes. I have seen people change from totally rotten to totally good in my lifetime. That has taught me not to be too fast on the draw when I evaluate the actions of others. We can speak to the future and call it what it’s supposed to be rather than what the present situation dictates. The present is not always a good indicator of the future so we should keep this in mind and be thankful when we look at the situations and circumstances that the present presents each day.

The biggest battle that we fight is the one in our own minds. If we can conquer the mental things that hold us down we can conquer any situation. Let me ask you a question. What is the difference between a hero and a coward? The answer is the way that they perceive the same problem. Its just that simple. The Good Life

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