Technology boom has impacted several facets of the world of work, the area of candidate sourcing being an important one. This eases the work of the staffing firms though simultaneously is being noticed an increase in challenges that cost time and focus thereby hit core business and revenue. Offshore recruitment services partner assist and support by means of knowledge, expertise and experience whereby the staffing firms can make the best choices. The selection process also becomes simpler, faster, more reliable and importantly cost effective. Therefore, it is crucial to make a right decision in choosing the offshore service provider. Deadlocks, delays and inefficiency are a consequence of wrong choice.

Parameters for the selection of offshore recruitment service partner

Complete transparency is a requisite to any successful relationship. It helps in measuring the service and performance of the provider. Only when full transparency is ensured, does the movement towards improvements and better performance occur.

Accessibility of the outsourcing partner must be ensured. It is important to have a 24x7x365 accessibility to enable continuous communication. An uninterrupted service delivery results from a break free accessibility of the service provider.

Credentials and experience of the service provider reflects the resilience. Like in other businesses, off shore recruitment service companies appear and disappear. Only a company that has come out of storms must be chosen. While comparing the competitors in choice, the points of comparison should be the number of offices of the company, staff size, location of the offices and the span (length of time) of the company. Next, consider the experience of the employees of the company and the fact that for how long these employees have been with the company.

Also ask for the client references before zeroing in on the service and testimonies for experience, levels of quality, expertise and capabilities should be sought. Details of insurance coverage and data handling processes can be checked and ensured for reliability of the service provider.

A wise choice of an offshore recruitment services partner helps you serve your clients better. The best talent can be delivered by you only when you are assisted by the right outsourcing partner.

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