Are you thinking about buying a bird bath? Birds seek out water to drink and to preen. They use the water to keep their bodies cool, to wash away dust and debris and also to eliminate any loose feathers.

There are numerous bird bath styles from which to choose. You can find a bird bath made of concrete, copper, aluminum, glass, terracotta, plastic, resin, ceramic and fiberglass. Bird baths come in several forms as well. There are solar bird baths, hanging dishes, smaller bowls or basins and pedestals. You can find a heated and even a mini bird bath. Many bird baths have designs or beautiful color patterns on them. Often found on pedestals are leaves, flowers, butterflies, turtles or frogs. You may want to choose one with a wide lip, this allows more room for perching. An ideal depth for a bird bath is two inches. Consider which materials are easiest to clean. Concrete is more difficult to clean and also is at risk for cracking in extreme temperatures. Metal, resin and fiberglass baths are probably the easiest to keep clean and the most durable.

One of the biggest factors to consider when choosing a bird bath is still water versus moving water. Birds have a harder time finding still water. Stagnant water is also a breeding ground for pests. Moving water in contrast is easier for birds to see and hear from a distance. Flowing water is cleaner and also prevents mosquitoes from laying their eggs. Solar fountains are a good option for a bird bath fountain.

Some fountains cost more than traditional bird baths, but they offer continuous moving water. If you choose a standard type of bird bath, it is recommended that you also buy a mister or a bubbler to avoid still water. These products may add an additional $30-$50 to your bird bath cost. A solar bird bath fountain is convenient as the unit is self-contained. The integrated pump and panel system are located in the basin. In order to operate, the panel needs to be in direct sunlight. Even when the water is not flowing, the fountain is beautiful statuary.

Cascading style fountains are 4-tiered, offering several places for birds to perch. These fountains have a solar panel that can be placed up to 10 feet from the fountain. Solar fountains with an animal at the helm are smaller basins that also have a solar panel and a 10 foot cable connecting it. Solar-On-Demand fountains are very popular due to the back-up battery that can operate the fountain either during the day or into the evening.

Solar fountains offer moving water without extra costs. They are portable and lightweight, allowing flexibility in placement. They are self-contained and non-polluting. Give the birds what they are looking for, a solar garden fountain.

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