You are ready to get into shape. That baby fat has been sitting there for a few months now, and you have no excuse, not to start a good fitness program. You love to jog, and your baby loves the outdoors, so a jogging stroller purchase is the new discussion at your dinner table.
Researching for the best jogging stroller can be quite confusing. You want to make sure you are buying the right product, because it concerns the safety of your child, and your fitness needs. It can get quite overwhelming just looking at the different types, shapes, sizes and brands. Reading reviews, consumer reports and customer feedback can help you decide on this purchase.
Jogging strollers usually come in the single or double setup. They generally have three wheels, with one large wheel in the front and two smaller wheels in the rear. The handlebars are usually ridged, to prevent slipping of sweaty hands, and may even include a handbrake for quick stopping.
The safety of the jogger is of utmost importance. Baby joggers should have a hand brake, parking lock and safety leash for secure stopping. A five point harness is a standard for the child’s safety.
Since you are using this jogger mainly outside, you want to make sure that your jogger has a large adjustable canopy for sun and rain protection. The fabric of the jogger should be water proof too. Some jogging strollers also come with an additional bug screen.
There are many convenient features that a jogging stroller can offer, just like other strollers. Easy folding mechanisms, cargo baskets, trays and pockets are all great extras to consider.
The standard wheel size is 12 inches. This size should only be used on paved roads or sidewalks. The 12 inch wheels will allow great maneuverability with turns. If you are heading out on a bumpy terrain, 16-20 inch wheels with shocks will give you a smoother trek. The size of the tires should be selected based on the terrain you will be jogging on.
Swivel wheels are a newer feature to jogging strollers, and are becoming increasingly popular. They are great for indoor use and everyday use for the occasional jogger. Many top-rated jogging strollers offer a 2-in 1 swivel/fixed wheel feature that can be switched from one to another with one easy mechanism.
Fixed wheels are for the real runners who are trekking straight ahead throughout the whole trip. In order to turn a fixed wheel, one would push the handle bar, raising the front wheel as you turn the stroller.
So you are ready to build up your energy, get back in shape, and loose that baby fat, together with your babes. A good jogging stroller is a necessity, but you must be informed about all these features before you invest in one. Good Luck and happy jogging!

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