Location is a topic that is often talked about when it comes to businesses and real estates. It is an old adage that very much applies in the modern world. Furthermore, it greatly determines the success of any business. There are very many things to consider when looking for a good location for your retail store. The most important are usually the cost of the location and the needs of your business. A high traffic area is good for your business but it may be too costly and take a toll on the business. It’s hence advisable to balance everything.

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Understand your customers

If you do not know who your customers are then, there is no way you can find the right location for your retail store. This begins with knowing your products and afterwards the kind of people who are most likely going to buy them. When this is clear, you can now take the products to the potential customers by choosing a strategic location.

Take for instance; your products may be specifically for the working class. Setting up your store in town or a place where many office buildings are located may be a good idea.

Analyze your competition

Competition is everywhere and there is a possibility you will encounter rivals in whichever location you put up your store. There are two types of competition; the good and bad. Competition that is good for your business is the one that attracts traffic towards the area. For instance, there are certain areas in the city where people know they can find some nice products to buy. In this scenario, those areas attract many people because they know for sure they will find what they need. Even if there are several retailers, all of them can benefit because there is a lot of traffic.

On the other hand, bad competition involves an area that is already saturated with similar products and there are no enough customers to buy from everyone. It’s even worse if there is a reputable and well-established brand within the vicinity. A new or startup brand may find it extremely difficult to get ahold of customers when there is already a dominating brand.


The location of your retail shop will determine whether you will need advertising or not. Take for instance, setting up a store in a mall. How many people walk into malls on a daily basis? It’s quite obvious that malls attract a high number of traffic than anywhere else. For this reason, you don’t really need to advertise your business. People will still walk into the store even without any advertising or offers because of the mere fact that it’s in a mall. It’s like the mall itself advertises your business to your potential customers.

On the other hand, a low traffic area or strip mall will require advertising. This is because it is not exposed to many customers and you will have to take measures to attract more people to the shop. This is through advertising. In this case, while you will not be paying a lot of money in terms of rent, those funds will be channeled towards advertising and letting people know you exist.

Demographic information

Before you even settle for a location, make sure you have conducted thorough research about that particular location. You can speak to other retailers in the area and get to know more about the businesses there. In addition, obtain the local demographics from a library or census bureau. These sources will provide information about the population, age bracket and the income brackets. Since you already know who your potential customers are, the next step is to know where exactly they live, go to work and shop. This way, it’s easy to tell if the location is ideal for your kind of business.

The location costs

Along with rent, there are additional costs that come with every location. You have to consider all these things because they may actually add to your rent and make it even more expensive. For instance, does the new location require painting and remodeling to make it more suitable for your needs? What about the lawn care and security? Will you be paying for it too? On top of that, there are also property taxes that retailers are at times required to pay. Put all these things together and determine whether you can afford that space.

Visibility and accessibility

Accessibility and visibility are two very important aspects of any location. The retail location has to be accessible to people. This means that there should be public transportation that serves that particular area. In addition, there should be plenty of parking spaces available. The customers or delivery trucks will need easy access to the parking lot. If customers are straining to get access to your retail store, then they will prefer to shop elsewhere.

Put up your store in a place that so many people are likely to walk by or even drive past it. It will definitely be a bonus in terms of getting enough traffic for your business. It’s more likely that those people walking by or driving past the store will stop and shop there.

When it comes to visibility, it all depends on the exact location. Is the store located out of town or within the city? A retail store inside a mall requires little to no advertising. On the other hand, a business that is out of town in a lone building will still need some advertising to make people aware of it.

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