Once you are approved to purchase medical marijuana, you must them find a place to purchase it from. There are a variety of dispensaries. You may find some in your local area, as well as online. It is important to find out about the quality of the product you are purchasing. Regulation and research are still extremely low when it comes to cannabis products. There are a large percentage of companies that are focused more on making money than offering a quality product. There are a few key aspects to look for when choosing a dispensary to purchase your items from.

Growing Environment

Marijuana plants must be grown properly for them to remain safe for use. The plants are extremely sensitive to the environment they are placed in. The marijuana plant is described as a hyperaccumulator. This means that it is great at absorbing everything from the soil it is grown in. This can be an asset if the plants grown near it are helpful for your health or pleasant tasting.

It can be a major issue, however, if there a toxin in the soil. When heavy metals are absorbed by the plant they enter the body when the product is used. This can make your medical marijuana deadly, especially when taken by children. The plant is so good at absorbing toxins that is has been used to decontaminate damaged land. Take care to inquire about the source of your product when searching for CBD oil near me.

Extraction Method

There are various extraction methods used to get the CBD oil out of the plant. It is necessary to find out more about the method used by the dispensary you choose. You can often tell if a high-quality method is used by the price of the product. Quality extraction methods can be costlier, driving up the price of the final product.

If you come across an unusually inexpensive dispensary, the product may be unsafe. Dangerous extraction methods involve the use of contaminants, such as butane and propane. Traces of these materials can be found in the resulting oil. Severe health problems can follow the used of products tainted with these hydrocarbons. Look for a source that uses supercritical extraction, for best results. Common oils, such as olive oil, can also be used for extraction. This results in an infused oil that can be consumed.


CBD oils sold in dispensaries are not regularly tested to find out how much CBD is in the final product. There has been some random testing by the Food and Drug Administration with poor results. Some products contained no CBD at all. The content is still questionable, even in quality products. The amount of CBD that makes its way into your body can vary immensely from one product to the other. Edible items that have been enhanced with CBD oil may have less of the potent product due to the preparation and storage. Sublingual dosing is best for those that need a reliable and consistent dose.

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