So you’ve decided to start going to a gym. You did your research and chose the studio, paid a membership fee, got your outfit and you’re determined to commit. Whether your purpose is to lose weight, gain weight, increase muscles, or simply to get social, it’s never a bad choice. You must know that a gym is always going to be there for you. People there will not judge you, as they are there for the same purpose and you can actually make new friends there.

If you’re a newbie the best and easiest way to start is to hire a private personal trainer. The first and most important thing about it is that they will motivate you. They have an experience and a knowledge of what equipment to use to achieve a certain goal. They will see with an objective eye and tell you what realistic results you can expect. They will correct you and give you hints. They will encourage you to push your limits within a healthy boundary. And the last thing is, let’s be honest, they are most of the time, if not always, an eye candy. So why not give it a try, especially that most of the gyms offer few sessions with a personal trainer for free.

Having said the above, there are certain things to look for when hiring a personal trainer. Knowing how to choose a personal trainer is crucial, as apparently there are some bad trainers too.

As you have little or none experience at a gym, you should be looking for someone with certifications in the particular area of expertise. You don’t want a weight loss trainer when you’re trying to gain muscles, obviously. If you’re in your fifties, you want someone who has an experience in working with that age group. If you’re hiring a trainer to help your teenage child to get fit, you want to put them in the best hands possible. Define your goals and your conditions and before you start, ask how they will support you in achieving it. Dedicated personal training will change your life for better, as this is exactly the purpose of it.

Beware of some so-called entertainment exercises, unless this is what you want. If you sign up for a particular class, such as Zumba or boxercise, it’s fine. But if you have a specific purpose, make sure you choose a personalised personal training.

Don’t choose the first available trainer. Check their methodology and a way of training. You know what you’re expecting to achieve, but not all types of training are good for everyone. Some people like HITT and some prefer slower pace exercises. There is a possibility to reach your goal in different ways and a good personal trainer will know how to advise you upon that. Make sure you’re not shy to ask when you uncertain of some methods or techniques, as it’s your body and your health they are dealing with.

Of course, the cost is important too. There is a wide price range within this area, but no always opting for the highest is the best. As you are putting your health in other’s person’s hands you want to appoint someone who is worth what they are charging. Some “old boys” might be so stuck to their way of training that won’t really look at what you actually need, but only follow their own routine. Often cheaper coaches are slightly less experienced, but they may help you better as they are more passionate and want to build up their portfolio and reputation too. Make sure to always ask for a taster session or a discount if buying in bulk.

To summarise, enjoy it !!

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I've tried different approaches and "used" few trainers too. I like finding out new ways of sweating and having fun at the same time.