If you haven't been in the position to have to update your resume in the last couple of years, than you are one of the lucky ones. The recent crash of the economy has changed the landscape of job hunting. Ten years ago your resume could be a simple listing of your previous employers and your job titles, but that is no longer enough.

Before you even get a chance to meet with a potential employer your resume is going to create your first impression. The current job market is overflowing with skilled, trained and professional people. You have to make yourself stand out from the crowd and an old outdated resume, isn't going to do that for you. Your resume has to set an amazing first impression. If you can't wow a potential employer with your skills and assets you won't ever get the chance to meet them for a face to face interview.

Resume Services

This is the very reason that so many people are turning to resume services; they know that they need help in creating the strongest first impression possible.

A resume builder service is knowledgeable on how to put together the best resume for your skills and talents. They know what it takes to get you noticed. They know how to create a resume that will highlight your skills and make it so you can get an interview. A resume builder service is a way to get professional help with one of the most important documents that you will need to get the job of your dreams.


One important piece that a resume builder can help you with is getting a focus on your goals. You need to know exactly what it is you want for your career going forward. What kind of job are you going to go after? Where is your focus? What are your long term goals? If you don't know, your resume is going to reflect that. Having a focus on your resume is going to help get you noticed and make it more likely for you to get that all so important interview.

So now the question becomes; how to pick a resume service.

Picking a Service

Any service that you work with needs to be able to help you find your focus, highlight your successes, create a well written cover letter, and do this in an affordable way. If you use a service that is confusing or complicated, this is going to come through on your resume.

Finding these services is easier than ever thanks to the Internet. There are dozens of resume services that can help you to create an amazing resume with ease and simplicity.

Using a service that has been around for awhile and can show you their experience is one way to confirm that who you are working with this going to do the best job possible for you. Don't just pick the first service that pops up in your Internet searching. Take your time and compare different services. This is going to help you find the right service for your needs.

One place to start your search is with www.openresumebuilder.com

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Dani Oatfield is a freelance writer. Helping people to develop their skill and talents in a wide variety of fields.