Rhinoplasty is one of the trendiest facial plastic surgeries today. It aims at correcting functional and cosmetic issues that may be bothering you with the nose.

It can address issues like breathing, nasal asymmetry, size, and shape of the nose. As is the case with any surgical procedure, rhinoplasty also comes with benefits and risks. 

At Allure Plastic Surgery, before recommending this treatment, your rhinoplasty surgeon would always ensure that you're aware of all the facets of rhinoplasty. This ensures that you make the best treatment decision based on your needs.

Usually, you can expect the surgeon to go through the entire procedure with you, check for any contraindications and address all questions or concerns you may be having about this treatment.

How do I Choose a Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

Even though rhinoplasty comes with some risks, you can always significantly reduce them if you work with a fully qualified plastic surgeon. Finding the best rhinoplasty surgeon will also ensure that you get high-quality treatment according to your treatment preferences.

This guide breaks down the simple pointers you will need to consider when searching for a good rhinoplasty surgeon for your treatment needs. Read on


  • Consider Your Rhinoplasty Goals


Before starting your search for the best plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty, it is prudent that you have clear ideas on what you wish to achieve with this treatment. For instance, if you feel that your nose is too big, you may want to have it reduced in size.

If you feel that your nose is abnormally enlarged, rhinoplasty may be ideal if you're suffering from conditions like rhinophyma, a skin condition that comes with a red bulbous or bumpy nose. If this is the case, rhinoplasty can reshape your nose, help you reduce the enlarged blood vessels, and improve your overall cosmetic appearance.

On the same note, it may also be ideal if your primary goal is to change your nose's projection, straighten the nose bridge, or narrow the nostrils. Once you have a clear idea of what you wish to achieve with rhinoplasty, you will need to compare different rhinoplasty surgeons to find the best one for your needs.


  • Ask for Recommendations


Seeking recommendations may sound basic, but it has significant weight on it. You have the best chances of landing a skilled surgeon if you have loved ones or even colleagues who have had rhinoplasty either for aesthetic or medical reasons before.

If you were pleased with the results they got from the treatment, be sure to ask them for referrals to the providers who helped with the procedure. Note that everybody is different, so their goals for this procedure were probably different from yours. You will need to check with a rhinoplasty surgeon to discuss what you can achieve depending on your treatment goals.


  • Check Qualifications


Plastic surgery is a 'universal' term. It is used in reference to medical specialists with training in varied subspecialties in cosmetics.

Do note that the cosmetic industry isn't also regulated. Therefore, there is a risk of landing in the hands of an unskilled provider. You can avoid this risk by ensuring that your provider is board-certified.

Board certification in plastic surgery indicates that the rhinoplasty surgeon has completed the necessary training in medicine to offer surgeries. It also indicates that the provider has undergone special training and shown competency in the sub-specialties they wish to operate in. 


  • Review the Results


A competent rhinoplasty surgeon most likely has 'before' and 'after' images for procedures they've completed in the past. When looking for a good plastic surgeon for your rhinoplasty needs, therefore, it would help if you did a quick check on the provider's website so you know how skilled they are in this field before consenting to this procedure.

If there are no images already displayed on the website, you may request the provider to show them to you during your consultation. This way, you can proceed with the treatment rest assured that you would most likely get the results you hope for.

Other than the results, you will also need to look into past patients' comments about your rhinoplasty surgeon's services. You can find these comments on a 'reviews page' if your provider has one.

Other providers also list reviews on the home page, so you can check the practitioner's home page for the reviews. If you can't find the comments on the rhinoplasty surgeon's website, consider searching for the reviews on the web.

For example, if you wish to check reviews about Allure Plastic Surgery in Singapore, you can use this search phrase on the search engines 'Allure Plastic Surgery, Singapore reviews.' This way, you will get independent reviews from real clients.


  • Meet your Rhinoplasty Surgeon


After finding a rhinoplasty surgeon you can trust with your treatment, you will need to book an appointment with them. As a basic rule of thumb, a qualified and experienced surgeon will most likely not perform this treatment after just a phone call or email messaging.

You will need a consultation meeting to discuss your treatment goals and assess any risks you may have with the treatment. Meeting with the surgeon will ensure that you build a rapport with the surgeon.

Ideally, it would help if you only proceed with the treatment if you feel comfortable with the rhinoplasty surgeon. During the appointment, be sure to ask any questions that may be bothering you with the treatment and get them addressed.


  • Check the Costs


You don’t want to remain bankrupt after a plastic surgery. Therefore, it would help if you proceed with the treatments after ascertaining that the costs are within your budget. Note that cosmetic treatments are not usually covered by insurance, so you should know this beforehand.

There should be no hidden fees. Finally, it would help if you don't use just the costs as your only determiner when searching for a rhinoplasty surgeon.

If you're working with a skilled plastic surgeon, this treatment's costs will widely be different from the amount you will pay if you were treated by a less skilled provider. Usually, it is worth paying for the skills than working with an unskilled cheap plastic vendor with no verification about the qualities.

Final Word

The chances of getting the best results in rhinoplasty depend on the skills and experience of your rhinoplasty surgeon. Take time to search for the best plastic surgeon to avoid risks which would be costly to correct in the long run. 

We personalize rhinoplasty procedures for each patient. To check if you’re the right candidate for this procedure, send us an email now or just call us to select a preferable date for your consultation.

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