When it comes to buying a new mower to use in your yard, many homeowners begin to wonder whether they would be better off buying a push or a riding model. In all honesty, either one could be highly beneficial in keeping your lawn well maintained, which makes the decision between the two even harder. The best way to come to a final conclusion, however, is by taking a critical look at your garden care needs.

What is the size of your lawn?
This is actually the most important factor when it comes to deciding whether a riding or a push mower is your best choice. The general rule of thumb follows that if your yard is less than half an acre in size, a push mower will probably be much easier for you to maneouvre. If it is any larger than half an acre, then you will probably find a riding mower to be the better option.

What is the shape of your lawn?
Before going shopping for your newest mower, you should take a few minutes to go out back and check out the shape of your lawn. Are there any tight spots (such as a narrow strip of lawn down the side of the house) or unmovable obstacles (such as trees and bushes)? If your yard is full of these problem areas, you may find that a push mower is your better option, as you won’t waste time backing up and maneuvering around things. Does your yard have an overly steep slope? A riding mower will make this job much easier.

Is part of your lawn fenced in?
If a part of your lawn is fenced in (perhaps you’ve separated your house from an area where you commonly keep animals or machinery), you will need to take a look at the width of your gate. Driving a riding mower between these areas can be made very difficult if you only have a narrow gateway to get through, in which case, a push mower is definitely going to be the preferable option.

When you are outside evaluating all of the considerations listed above, you should also take the opportunity to look at any other landscaping or maintenance issues that your lawn might have. Do you regularly need to rake and dispose of leaves? Do you need to complete some minor grading? Some mowers (riding ones especially) can be fitted with accessories that can make completing even these tasks that much easier.

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