If you are running Linux servers then you not only have to address high availability requirements but also take care of Linux replication. The good news is that you can easily handle both availability and replication by integrating the two and using a single, enterprise-class solution. Interestingly, if you look for a solution that meets the aforesaid criteria then you will come across too many options. However, you can easily choose between these options by comparing their monitoring and recovering capabilities. After the comparison if you still have doubts then you can always look for speed and also take the storage model into account.

Nevertheless, while choosing between solutions you must not forget that your goal is to ensure continuous up time. For this, it is essential that you leave no stone unturned to protect your entire IT stack. Interestingly, if you want to protect your entire IT stack then you simply have to look for a solution that can be easily integrated with recovery kits. Just so you know if the solution cannot be integrated then your applications and databases are likely to remain unprotected. As a matter of fact, even your network infrastructure resources and web services are likely to become vulnerable if the chosen solution does not offer the required protection.

Meanwhile, it is worth mentioning that application awareness can help you take care of the aforesaid concerns with exemplary ease. This is because with awareness, you’d be able to monitor the health of your applications and databases. Interestingly, monitoring will help you in determining whether or not your systems are properly responding. On the other hand, if there is no granular visibility then the systems may continue to only run and not respond. So, when choosing between solutions you must ensure that there are adequate provisions for granular visibility. Nevertheless, awareness is unlikely to serve any purpose if it cannot be extended to custom applications.

Therefore, when you are trying to make the choice between various solutions you must also ask for some relevant templates that can be used for rapidly extending awareness to custom applications. Anyways, making the choice between business continuity solutions can be tough if even after considering the aforesaid criteria you are not able to decide. Interestingly, you can make the right decision by finding out whether or not you’d be able to manage the solution with ease. Furthermore, it may also be in your best interest to determine if some expensive hardware would be required to make the most of the chosen solution.

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