Guest posting involves posting blogs on other platforms as a guest member. The platforms usually belong to the same niche, or they could differ depending on the topic. Guest posting has become very common, especially in obtaining backlinks, increasing subscribers, exposing expertise, and improving SEO results.
If you want to grow your network, reach new audiences or acquire high-quality free backlinks, then guest posting should be on your list. It might demand your time, but the results you get will make it worth your while. So why choose free guest posting?

Targeted Organic Traffic Generation

Organic traffic gives your brand fame which is what SEO is all about. This kind of posting may be tiny in the SEO world, but it is a good networking and promotional strategy. It is a way of ensuring your follower list grows, keeping you visible. Appealing guest posts will transform into visitors through the backlinks. Post as many as possible, and your reach will widen.

Increased Brand Awareness

When people recognize you, your brand is recognized as well. This is what guest posting will do as long as it is beneficial and valuable to the readers. Consistency in your posting will help readers recognize you, which will benefit the brand. By working on your brand voice, you will still be recognized even when the tone changes depending on the platform you blog for. Your posts, however, need to be valuable and new every time.
Constructive Feedback

Insights from regular community members can go a long way in improving the content you put out there and your marketing strategies. In some cases, the platforms invite Guest bloggers to discuss post ideas; it could help in understanding what really works and what does not. In addition, you will learn a great deal by encouraging readers' comments on the free posts. Use the feedback, whether positive or negative, to improve your posts and win more readers over. 

Improved Backlinks Profile 

Free guest posting will greatly improve your profile as long as you select a well-known platform with an impressive follower list. Remember you are doing it for free hence the backlink to your website is what will boost you. Use the free posts to reach popular platforms; in return, they will build your profile and boost SEO. 

Tips to Make it Work 

Like any other link-building strategy, guest posting for backlinks needs attention. So to get the most out of it, ensure you:

  • Know exactly what you are looking to achieve with the posting and direct your efforts to that.
  • Focus on your niche but be open to entering others. Overlapping markets is a great way of expanding your reach. 
  • Track your posts' performance as a way of ensuring you are generating expected interest from readers.
  • Look for blogging opportunities using advanced options and give sites that don't advertise for such posts a try; targeting them will offer better results than attracting tens of pitches daily.
  • Plan attractive blogs that capture attention and generate positive views. Find out what platform you are targeting prefers and work on your posts. 
  • Consider reverse search, especially on famous guest bloggers. It will expose you to a list of other platforms or websites you can send pitches to increase your backlinking opportunities. 
  • Avoid readymade templates when creating your pitches unless there is a specified format by the platform. Force the platforms to pay attention to you by making the pitch email perfect 
  • There are plenty of sites out there allowing guest contributors. As long as your posts are good, you should reap quality backlinks to boost your online presence and generate the right traffic to your website. 
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