A horse owner is always trying to find the right food nuggets to feed their horse. It is vital for them to find something that will keep their horse healthy, but also provide it with the necessary nutrients.

Just like humans, horses also need nuggets of food every day to replenish their energy. Mostly, horse owners give them hay and fresh grass. But there are some other food items that your horse will love to eat and can provide them with some extra nutrients and energy.

Feeding horses is an important part of daily care. Horses eat a lot, so there are many available feed types to choose from. You can use commercial horse feed, or you can feed your horse hay and grain. Many horse owners prefer to mix the two in order to provide their horses with a balanced diet.

At first glance, it may seem that you have multiple choices when it comes to feeding your horse. But, feeding nuggets to horses with a metal bit in the mouth is a bad idea for a number of reasons. Click on the link for more information https://www.petz1st.co.uk/product/baileys-fibre-plus-nuggets-20kg/

Here are some of the main reasons why:

  • Metal is toxic to horses, and it can cause a number of problems, including ulcers in the mouth, weight loss and even death.
  • The sharp edges of the nuggets can cause injury to the horse's mouth and tongue, and in some cases they can break off and become embedded in the tongue.
  • Likewise, a horse that has been eating nuggets is more likely to have dental problems in future.
  • Horses have no way of digesting metal, so when they eat nuggets they're simply accumulating it inside their bodies. In small quantities this is not a problem, but large quantities can lead to toxicity.
  • Horse nuggets:

    1) Brewer's yeast: This is a great source of protein for your horse and can help him develop strong muscles and bones. However, this should be used in small quantities or else it might give your horse diarrhea or colic.

    2) Cheese: All types of cheese are great for horses. They contain protein and calcium which gives strength to their bones and teeth.

    3) Eggs: Like cheese, eggs are also rich in protein. You can offer horse eggs whole or boiled. Boiled eggs can be offered with the shell removed or you can crush the eggshells and mix it with the egg yolk and feed it to your horse. Make sure you remove all pieces of shell before feeding it to your horse as these sharp pieces may injure your horse's digestive tract when swallowed.

    4) Carrots: Horses love carrots because they're sweet but not too sweet. They're a great treat for horses when they're feeling a little under

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