All of us are in a dilemma on how and who to choose the people we come in contact within this post-COVID 19 era, especially the healthcare providers, including the dentists. As much as we want to stay home and stay safe, dental emergencies can arise anytime.

On 31st December 2019, China briefed the World Health Organization about the developing cases of the Corona Virus in China. After that, the deadly virus had spread its wings to many countries, including the ones which are developed. In spite of the highly organized medical systems in the developed countries, their medical systems crumbled when the COVID 19 pandemic struck them. To contain the spread of Corona Virus or COVID-19 in India, the honorable Prime Minister of India announced a countrywide lockdown on 24th March 2020. Addressing to the gravity of the situation, it is important to understand the strength of the infectivity of this virus, which has put the whole world on lockdown. It would be very foolish to ignore the possibility of any us coming in contact with Corona Virus considering that there is no specific treatment or vaccine developed for it yet. The only treatment documented is prevention.
Considering the situation, it is of utmost importance to choose your dentist carefully so as to escape the coronavirus exposure while you get your dental treatment. There are many advisories by Government boards on the precautions and arrangements to be made at each clinic and hospital to prevent the spread of Corona Virus from one patient to another and the dental doctor & staff. So if we want to know which dentist or dental clinic would you chose in this COVID 19 era, then the correct answer to that would be “Choose a dentist who follows exact guidelines given by the government for practice during this time!” Now you would wonder what the guidelines are. The guidelines include extensive instructions regarding sterilization and sanitization of the clinic, doctor, and instruments before and after every patient. To start with, only emergency appointments are to be given to the patients having pain and swelling with no history of any contact with a patient suffering from COVID 19 infection or travel history in the recent past. Emergency appointments to be given to patients showing no signs of fever, cold, cough, or breathing problems. Before entering the clinic, the patient should wear shoe covers, wash their hands meticulously with soup and mouthwash with disinfectant followed by wearing a mouth mask. Preferably Temperature should be checked of the patient with a thermal scanner before entering the clinic or operatory. Records of all patients and personnel moving in and out of the clinic are to be maintained meticulously. The doctors and clinic staff should be wearing personnel protection kits with mouth mask, face shield, gloves, and shoe cover. Before starting the treatment, mouthwash with disinfectant should be done by the patient. Only emergency procedures without the production of aerosols are to be done by the dentist. Fresh, sterilized instruments packed in sterilization pouches are to be used in each patient. Once the procedure is over and the patient leaves the operatory and the clinic, the clinic staff and doctor will remove the used personal protection kits and discard. Disinfection of the entire operatory and clinic is to be done with antiseptic solution, and it is made ready for the next patient. Social distancing has to be maintained between the patients, so the patient appointments should be spread out efficiently. High pressure suctions to be used to remove residual air in the clinic.
So, now that you know the protocol, ask your dentist before visiting if they are following the guidelines by the government for the clinics to prevent your chances of contacting a Corona infection. Floss Dental Clinic in Noida, since its establishments are following strict sterilization protocols and has heightened our disinfection protocols matching those of all government bodies. We hope you stay safe and chose you dentist wisely especially in Corona Virus Pandemic Era 2020.

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