These days, our home media systems are nothing like they were in the past – the television is no longer a black and white unit, and we now have a range of additional gadgets designed to make our viewing experience more enjoyable. If you don’t have all these electronic devices properly stored and packed away, your lounge room could look more like a bombsite than a home media centre. It is for this reason that a suitable entertainment unit is needed.

Entertainment Centre
Also known as an entertainment armoire, this structure is more classical in its appearance. The defining feature of this type of entertainment unit is the compartments and cupboards that allow you to hide away your electronics when not in use, as well as providing adequate storage space for your DVDs, CDs and so on.

Corner Unit
These entertainment units are great if the only free space in your room is that awkward corner down the back. Not only does it provide plenty of space for all of your electronics, from the television to the games consoles, it can also provide you with additional display space (thanks to all the shelves).

Wall Unit
This entertainment unit is famed for its ability to save you floor space whilst storing all of your electronic bits and pieces. Most people these days will opt for this type of unit because it can be made as big or as small as you want. Like the corner unit, the wall one also comes equipped with a number of handy display shelves and alcoves.

Side-by-Side Unit
These types of entertainment units are designed to store your television on one side and all of your other electronics (such as DVD players, stereo systems, and games consoles) on the other. These units generally have doors that can be opened or closed depending on the electronics you are using.

Remember that it is not just the electronic devices themselves that you will need to store in order to prevent your lounge room from looking like a robbery has recently taken place – you will also have to get all of the cords and cables, remotes, DVDs, CDs, video games and other associated items out of sight, too.

Not only is a well-chosen entertainment unit great for getting all of your electronic devices out of the way and cluttering up your lounge room, it can help to protect these items from dust (which can actually cause serious damage and malfunctions). So, choose your entertainment unit wisely and reap the rewards it has to offer.

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