Owning your own house can be a dream come true for many young people and in this article we point out what to look out for when looking at various houses on the real estate market, read on;


As a rule of thumb, generally, the traditional mortgage system allows you to borrow up to three times your gross annual income. For couples it is three times the larger salary plus one time the smaller salary. Or it could also be 2 and a ½ of their joint salary. You may be able to borrow more, but it’s not viable if later it is going to turn your dreams into a financial nightmare.  Your repayments ideally should be in the range of 35-40% of your net monthly income.  There are mortgage affordability calculators available online to calculate if you’re at risk of borrowing too much.


The tried and tested ways of looking for available houses are to conduct searches on multiple fronts, this includes using real estate agents, property pull-outs, as well as looking on the internet. If you happen to be keen on a particular stretch of road, you can put flyers through the doors asking if they would like to sell. Additionally, if you can have a private conversation with the seller, then real estate charges can be avoided and the property may come to you cheaper than envisioned.


 A number of factors have to be weighed in before you move into your new house. These include,

  • Accessibility: are family and friends nearby and how far away is your workplace?
  • Noise: is the area relatively peaceful?
  • Facilities: are facilities like shops, parks and restaurants nearby?
  • Schools: Is the local school good for your kid? Is the home in-bounds of its catchment area?
  • Crime: you need to find out from the police about the crime rates of the area and if it is low, it is kind of safe to move in.


Many factors affect the choice of a home, but the location should always be the prime consideration. The price can be affected by;

New developments: if you spot many developers in the area, then you would know that soon it would turn into a location of appeal. This increases the value of your home.

Transport links: a new rail station or tube station in the works would mean that authorities consider the area to be one of importance in the future.

Restaurants, shops and bars: a presence or abundance of this in the area would mean that the area is expected to draw in more residents, a sure marker that you have hit the right spot.

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