Choosing the Lazy, Fun Way

I was just reading an article by a very well intentioned person on making choices that can help a person move from the negative to the positive way of seeing things, and reframing the whole life experience toward making it work. It involved looking at life in a different way, and making a vision board, and all kinds of fun stuff.

Well, I tell ya, I’ve done that stuff for years. It’s really great! It has helped me to get where I am today, which is no place in particular, but I’m as happy as I’ve ever been.

I have gone to tons of seminars, workshops, have taught and designed courses, and have been in the transformational world for a long time. It has really helped me to be semi-normal.

But you know what? I’m tired of working on myself! I’ve achieved a level of being an adept at just asking and allowing the goodies to flow inward toward me. That’s it. That’s all I do, and guess what? It’s working!

I recently went through a big refocusing, meaning I stopped doing the work I had become used to doing. It became clear to me that it was time to do what I wanted: to write. I had no idea how it was going to play out. I didn’t know how I would be able to support myself, but I just trusted the feelings that were guiding me, and I stopped doing the work that paid me. I was pretty bewildered at that time. I had no plan. No safety net.

But I have the faith of a child, and I said to God, “God, I don’t know what to do. I’m going to let you figure this out for me, ok? I’m going to just write this story, and hang out with my friends, and watch movies and read. Is that ok?”

Somehow, it seemed like it was ok with God for me to just lay back and let Him deliver this simple slice of life to me. While just sitting still, I “found” a book on prosperity, which involved tithing and forgiveness. I tithed. I forgave my ex husband in one moment, upon meeting his new girlfriend, which happened totally organically. It wasn’t my plan to do that. I went to the meeting feeling defensive and weird, but some grace kicked in, and I saw that they were good together.

Since then, my life has taken off. Not in a bright lights, camera, fame, fortune kind of way, but in a new boyfriend, hang out with friends, do my old, lucrative work, but in a fun, lazy, tapping the energetic field sort of way. I asked God to make my life fun, happy, EASY and abundant, and guess what? You get what you ask for!

You don’t have to do all that work anymore, guys. It’s a great thing to do to get to the place where you can “semi-retire,” because like it or not, we all seem to think that we have to work for love. It’s not true! In fact, if we just RELAX a bit, and ask for what we truly want, and ask that it be delivered with a bow on it, we will get it.

So I choose play. I choose love, great friends, happy adventures and relaxation. It’s been so enjoyable to realize that I don’t have to work for love, or even do much work for money. I choose to let God sustain and envelop me. What do you choose?

Author's Bio: 

Holly Mae Howard has been working as an intuitive for over 20 years. She is a Los Angeles based Psychic Channeler and intuitive who works with the Akashic Records as well as with two high-level Master guides, Malcolm and Ingira, to assist people in finding the answers to Life’s questions.

Holly calls herself “The Floating Psychic” because she lives and does readings on a boat in Marina Del Rey, CA. She does phone readings as well. She teaches psychic development and channeling classes regularly.

Holly’s mission is to empower people to make life decisions in their highest interests, as well as to inspire the creative passion in others.

She is an artist and showcases her art on her website: Holly can be reached at or you can visit her website at Look for her “Sacred Commerce Card” deck on her websites.