Looking for the perfect gifts for your pet-loving friends is sometimes harder than it seems. Most pet owners already have plenty of toys and dog-related memorabilia. You run the risk of buying something they already own, don't like, or will think is boring. Don’t worry, we have the perfect idea for a great gift for every dog lover on your list.

Custom gifts for dog lovers today go far beyond just custom pet tags or framed pictures of your fur baby. Petsies enables you to create a custom stuffed plush of your four-legged friend easily making it the perfect gift for dog lovers. The talented team of artists, designers, and seamstresses help create each customized stuffed animal. Everything is 100% handmade and based on photos of the pet. Once you have a custom stuffed plush they travel everywhere with you- even places your pet can’t.

Making a Lasting Impression

Your favorite fido-loving friend will be astounded when they open up their gift and find their furry friend’s perfect lookalike. Petsies customize these awesome gifts so that they look exactly like your pals pupper, all you have to do is send in a few pictures and Petsies handles the rest! Check out some of the features:

  • Premium, realistic faux furs
  • Specialty noses and eyes
  • Full airbrushing to match the pet’s unique markings
  • Available in 10" or 16"

Customized Petsies make all the difference because they are gifts that are suited to for your friend’s unique pet and are one-of-a-kind. It really is “the thought that counts,” and when you show someone attention to detail in their lives they will remember your gift for years to come. This gift is always exciting and thoughtful and made especially for them.

More Than a Gift

At the end of the day, Petsies customized plushies are not toys. These keepsakes have the ability to foster connections to your pet even when they pass away. They allow us to always have our dogs with us, even if they can’t be physical with us.

So how do you find a perfect gift that a pet owner will love and cherish without breaking the bank and stressing out? Leave that to Petsies! Never worry about how the customized high-quality product will turn out. Each stuffed animal is crafted with super soft plush & hypoallergenic stuffing with careful attention to detail.  

If your friend is a pet owner, they most likely have plenty of photos of their pet on their social media pages- they might even have their own Instagram! Send in the photos you find and Petsies send you a huggable, lovable gift for them. If you aren't sure which photo to use, or you feel like your friend would like to customize their own you can always send them a Petsies gift box. It has everything a pet lover could want, including a picture frame, heart ornament, and voucher for a Petsie.

Petsies Friends Forever

Petsies custom plushies are completely unique and are sure to make your friends and family happy. When you add personal touches to your friend’s gifts, it makes a much more lasting impact than boring generic gifts. Your pals receive all kinds of things from other friends, but it is so much better to choose an item that means something special to them. Petsies are 100% customizable to makes your gift stand out from the pack.

Having a personalized gift or experience is the perfect way to show your thoughtfulness and choose something that will stand out from the rest. Looking for the right personalized gift for the pet people in your life? Check out these perfect personalized gifts for your friends from Petsies and start making yours today.

Author's Bio: 

Liz Palisin is a freelance blogger for the personalized gifts stuffed animals website Petsies. She loves dogs, traveling, wine, and excellent food.